Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Donald Trumps Palin in Eyes of the Left

Observe what’s happening. The Left is going gaga over Donald Trump. They are calling him the extremist now. They are flame throwing at him. He’s responding with sharp tongued columns. Does this sound familiar? Yes, it’s been happening to Sarah Palin since September 2008. In basketball, this is called double teaming the other guy. Trump has hit a nerve and the Left is giving us a tell.

President Obama has gotten us into such a tangled web with the Chinese. They hold a significant portion of our debt. They sell us products at lower prices than we can make them for here. Obama is trying to fundamentally transform America into a centralized economy. China is a centralized economy. Obama has even said it would be easier for him to be president if he had the powers of the Chinese president. There is a sort of admiration between commies here.

Sarah Palin is an existential threat to liberalism, as Monica Crowley said. They see her and what she represents as an affront to a philosophy that can’t stand the logic and morality test. Liberalism requires brainwashed lemmings who have had Marxist philosophy pounded into their heads their entire undergraduate years. But take the focus off the smoke and mirrors and look behind the curtain and what do you see? Just a foolish man trying to make us believe he is the Wizard of Washington.

The Republican Party has had a really tough time getting its act together as far as leadership goes. The Democrats and the Left have been double teaming their best player for the whole game and the GOP hasn’t been helping her. Since she is not scoring, she’s not getting as much attention on the stat sheet right now. Newt Gingrich took a shot and missed. It had something to do with being so patriotic that he had to cheat on his wife. Mitt Romney took a shot and missed. In fact, he turned it over the rebound. He tried to explain Romneycare, and then announced his presidential exploratory committee on the anniversary of Romneycare. To think, everyone thought Palin was going to announce on April Fools day.

Huckabee has been hitting from the floor, but he’s not driving it to the hoop. Palin has been the point guard with her Facebook notes and tweets, but she can’t get the shot off. She’s double teamed by Democrat operatives and the mainstream media. But here comes Trump off the bench and he’s hitting three pointers like crazy.

This is where the liberals and the administration take notice. When Trump poked his rhetorical sword point into the China thing, the Democrats knew it was time to hide the flag (a Stratego reference). Then he raised the birth certificate issue. This is usually the point at which the mother bird take the babies and leave the nest while the father bird fights.

There is something about that birth certificate that Obama doesn’t want us to see. He could have been born here or maybe not. Maybe it says he’s a Muslim on it. Maybe his real name isn’t Barack Obama? Who knows. This isn’t the web’s mirror universe version of Palingates or the Immoral Minority, so I don’t want to delve so much into the truth or fiction of birtherism. I merely want to make the point that Trump’s comments on China and the birth certificate are making liberals squirm like the guy who was just picked for today’s random drug test after spending all night hanging out with Charlie Sheen.

Which brings us back to Sarah Palin who has just got to be loving the fact that Trump has taken the birth certificate ball and run with it. This is not because Palin’s a birther, but because Palin has watched the Left throw everything and the kitchen sink at her and now Trump’s throwing it back at them. This is a page from my Fight for the Right playbook. Use their tactics against them. It’s working!

Trump has caused the Left to take its eye off of Palin. Many are wondering why she’s so quiet these days. She isn’t doing anything differently than what’s she’s been doing for the last two years. People think she’s quiet. The reality is it’s the media that’s quiet. Palin’s buzz has always been the weekly hit pieces that come out on Monday followed by the Palin army response. This followed by the usual mainstream media that complains that Palin’s being a publicity hound.

But with the focus on Trump now, Palin lays in wait as she puts together her team (hopefully) for 2012. Trump’s telegraphing that he would run as an independent if he doesn’t get the nomination was a huge mistake in an otherwise well run campaign. But, the Republican Party needs more people like Trump. It needs table flippers – people who the Left are going to fear. So far, Trump and Palin are the most troubling table flippers the party has as far as the Left is concerned.

So with the Left double teaming Trump right now, it’s time for Sarah Palin to take it to the hoop. I don’t like ever telling the Governor what to do, but after that speech she’s giving in early May, may I recommend a booking on the Bob and Mark show?

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