Friday, February 25, 2011

The Left Has Created Their Own Monster

Had any member of the Tea Party talked about killing black babies the way a New Black Panther member talked about killing white babies or physically assaulted a union protester the way that a union protestor assaulted Tabitha Hale, the Left and their syncophantic organ grinders in the media would be yelling bloody libelous murder. It’s time for us civil people on the right to recognize that they are not like us. They prove by their actions that they are sub-human hypocrites. We prove by our actions that they are liars.

Because they have rendered their argument as hollow, we should remain dignified yet cast off our fears of being marginalized. In other words, we should accept right now in advance that we are justified to beat the crap out of the next union thug who assaults a woman. This is not to say we go looking for provocation. Rather, this is to put the thugs on notice that we no longer care what the media says about us. They can no longer hide behind the media shield.

We're up against some serious shit here. Internally, we are being eaten away by enormous debt and the soft tyranny of big government. Internationally, a Muslim extremist movement that in some ways is more of a threat than communism was in the 1970's is causing upheaval in the Middle East. Now, let's start thinking about who can beat Obama and who can destroy liberalism.

h/t Texas4Palin

"Let's not let our side make her failure a self fulfilling prophesy. In other words, you say...  she can't win.... she can win if you support her. She can win if you go out there and help campaign for her. And, and, believe me I believe with all my heart she can win. What, between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, that's the choice? Give me Sarah Palin any day of the week."

If we all just got behind her and pushed her to the top, the GOP would win big time.

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