Friday, February 18, 2011

Sarah Palin Brings the Media Criticism Upon Herself

Watch as followers of the morally, intellectually, and now financially bankrupt ideology known as liberalism spin anything that Sarah Palin says faster than Linda Blair's head in "The Exorcist." Whenever she has a strong or effective presence, the media manufactures something to counter/weaken her effect. Everytime she says something that's right on the money, it's as if she put a cigarette out in the media's eye. They hate the truth. She brings the media criticism upon herself by merely existing.

Do you want to know if Palin did good today? Test it. Look for the media hit pieces. If the strip turns red, she hit the mark. Seriously. Watch how the hit pieces come flying out everytime she does something strong.

Sarah Palin's appearance at the Long Island Association luncheon must have been stellar given how quickly the All Barack Channel (ABC) came up with this doozy: Sarah Palin Lashes out at Obama during Luncheon, Takes a Swing at Michelle (h/t Jedediah Bila). It seems that every lunatic that has crazy voices going on in their head puts them into their articles.

For those who still believe in Santa Clause, the tooth fairy and the mainstream media, I hate to break it to you but here's what really happened at the luncheon. 

One attendee said:
Nobody took their eye off of her. They listened to her every word. They were appreciative about a lot of the things she said. And they connected. And she connected.
The moderator, Kenneth Law, a Democrat, said "I think the Long Island business community walked away probably feeling better about her than before they walked in the door." (see 1:40 mark and ignore the spin that ABC news throws in leading up to that point - h/t Conservatives4Palin)

Despite the nonsense the media will want you to believe, Governor Palin did not mock Michelle Obama. PalinTV had the quote from CNN:
“No wonder Michelle Obama is telling people to breast feed their babies, because the price of milk is rising so high.”
She then warned the dozens of reporters at her question and answer event, “That better not be the takeaway here.”
Apparently, some reporters were more interested in listening to the crazy voices in their heads and didn't catch either the meaning of the joke (she was mocking inflation, not Michelle) or that part about the takeaway. I wouldn't be surprised if the media gets shut out of future events. She let them in this time. She gave them a chance. She kicked ass. They failed. She gave a great interview. Then the media went off and lamed it up once again.

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