Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Political Observations on a Day When the Moon Was Eclipsed

It was a once in a 372 year event. There was an eclipse of the moon on the winter solstice. In 1980, there was a similar event politically. The Left was repudiated at the polls at the same time the GOP Establishment was; and the grassroots gave us Ronald Reagan. The odds of something like that happening in a political system where socialist-progressives and crony capitalists control the two opposing political parties leaving the rest of us, well, out in the dark are, let's just say, astronomical. But like the eclipse that happened 374 years ago and like the next one that will happen in 2094, it can and will happen again.

The political sun, the Earth and the moon are lining up in a similar way as they did in 1980. The only real variable here is that there are a lot of people that weren't here or who were too young to remember it. So, this time around they get to watch it fresh, just like many of you all did last night with the eclipse.

But I've seen this "eclipse" before. When the political moon is completely darkened by the shadow of an Earth that has wandered into the way of the light, for every action there is a reaction. As the shadow wanes and we begin to see the light shine on the half moon again, we are reminded that there is still darkness that must have to go before the full moon shines brightly again.

In that remaining sliver of darkness, we have liberals who become unhinged at the prospects of a 1980 remake and we have Establishment types who prefer not to read the lips of their own leaders (especially when it comes to placating Democrats). Just look at how they are voting on things like DADT and START. Look how some of them react to Sarah Palin.

Observe Ron Devito's experience whenever the "Sarah Palin idiot-ometer" was used on the night he attended Adrienne Ross's appearance on Sistah Talk.
Finally, the show went live. Almost immediately upon the utterance of the words “Sarah” and “Palin,” the anger and hatred began boiling up in Penwah, who was seated at the left-most side of the table. She started screaming that Adrienne was “ignorant,” “had been played,” “had not gotten off the plantation,” and “This is what is teaching our kids? God help them.” Adrienne took it all in stride like a professional.
Now observe Devito's experience with someone who is supposedly on our side.
After the show, my wife and I went to a party that my lawyer had invited us to. He was a delegate on the floor of the 2008 RNC convention and saw Gov. Palin’s speech live. At the party, he introduced me to someone who he thought would be a good supporter of Gov. Palin’s. Those who know me, know that my wife is rather liberal. When she expressed her view, this man literally exploded. “Obama, Clinton, all of them should be hung [sic]!” “I don’t know how you could be married to her! I’d have killed and buried her by now,” he said about my wife. About the illegal immigrants, he said, “send them all home in body bags!” About Gov. Palin, he said, “if she gets nominated, we have another four years of Obama.” So much for that “good supporter of Gov. Palin” idea….

So, how could I stay married to my wife whose politics are diametrically opposed to mine? Simple. Love transcends politics. I’ve been with women whose politics were the same as mine. And, I’ve been married for 14 years (this December 23).

The African-American raging woman that was Penwah and the Caucasian raging “Tea Partier” that was this unnamed man to me were the same person in spirit. Their hate and their extremism brought them to the same place. Hate is hate. Indeed, I remember one of my teachers telling me that extreme rightism and extreme leftism are curves on the circle that both lead to tyranny and dictatorship.
Palin Derangement Syndrome is Palin Derangement Syndrome. It is a mental Napolean complex in people who fear that their inadequacies are exposed by those who have accomplished more than they have.

This is not about right versus left. This is about positive versus negative. It is about courage versus fear.

For example, those who criticized Palin for supporting candidates that lost to the Establishment, check out Palin's Vindication (h/t Texas For Sarah Palin):
Well, guess who just voted with the House of Representatives' lame-duck Democratic majority to ignore military concerns and repeal "don't ask, don't tell"? "Republican" Mike Castle did.

Guess who just voted for the Dream Act, which would have granted amnesty and instant eligibility for welfare and government education benefits to millions of illegal aliens, costing the taxpayers tens of billions of dollars? "Republican" Mike Castle did.


Palin this year saw to it that Tea Party-backed Joe Miller wrenched the Republican Senate nomination away from Murkowski, whose corrupt father was ousted from the governor's mansion by Palin in 2006.

Liberal voters helped Murkowski win a write-in campaign against GOP nominee Miller in the general election. But Miller clearly would have voted against the Dream Act, the "don't ask" repeal and New START — while likely voting for a tax-cut extension deal.

Then there's the much-derided Sharron Angle, GOP Senate nominee for Nevada this year and another Tea Party citizen-politician endorsed by Palin. So hated was she that an ABC-TV host repeatedly used a profanity on-air to describe the gaffe-prone Angle.

But whatever the former teacher and state assemblywoman's flaws, a win over her opponent, Harry Reid, who will continue as Senate majority leader next year, might have stopped him from joining with soon-to-be ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to enact a radical postelection, lame-duck agenda.

The lesson: When Mama Grizzly roars, maybe the Beltway know-it-alls should listen.
We simply cannot let the Establishment get their way again in 2012. The painful truth for those that don't understand it is that Palin is the way. We can all sit here and gripe about Obama and socialism. We can all sit here and worry about picking a candidate that can win. But the fact of the matter is it is not a candidate's future at stake here, it's ours.

If the Establishment chooses the GOP nominee or if the people don't back their words with action, the idea that tables need to be flipped and that business as usual in Washington has to stop will not come to its fruition. Heed these words and remember what Ronald Reagan said about the thousand years of darkness. We almost slipped into those thousand years in 2008. Let's hope the "trembling tigers" who fear Palin's "electability" wake up and at least hold their noses and jump in the pool. The strong ones, the Palinistas, will make sure nothing bad happens to them if hey are wiling to take the plunge. But if people on our side want to become members of the same idiocracy that gave us Obama as an unintended consequence of RINOism, it's not going to work. It will be 2008 all over again and all this work will have been for naught.

We know we will never convince the kool aid drinking Obot liberals to support Sarah Palin. But we need to convince the people on the Republican side. With all of us behind her, she is not only electable, she is unstoppable.

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