Saturday, February 12, 2011

Palin, or anyone else for that matter, for president?

Once again the polls are all over the place. The CPAC straw poll has Ron Paul as the choice for president. The Fox News poll has Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney in a virtual tie. The Fox News Bracket online vote has Palin winning division 1 and Paul winning division 2 (it's hard to tell from the number of voters on each side which one actually has the most votes head to head).

I figured I'd just put this out there since three months from now this will all mean nothing unless Paul has a surge in the national polls and becomes a contender. Otherwise, this still shows Huckabee, Palin and Romney as the front runners with Gingrich making a strong showing.

Many are saying right now that the Republicans really don't know yet who they want to be the nominee. Therefore, the best campaigner who can get their message out most effectively and who avoids minefields along the way should be able to capture it. Palin is strong in all these areas (one hitch, though, is media "manufactured" minefields).

Counting Palin or anyone else out now would be foolish at this point. It will be a competive primary with a lot of options.  As Jedediah Bila said, bring it on.

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