Friday, February 11, 2011

A Birthday Wish to Sarah Palin, Fellow Reaganite

When I was in college between 1981 and 1985, I became interested in politics because of Ronald Reagan. While I was in New York, all the way across the country on the other side of our continent out of Alaska, another student my age was navigating her college years. There was no Twitter, no Facebook and no blogs. There was a newspaper, a library and a television. Whatever caught me about Reagan caught her and drove her to work her way to the top of the American political landscape.

American exceptionalism, entrepreneurship and family values resonated all the way across this great land because we were Americans. As we headed toward the Obama years, that spirit waned. This Reaganite who thought that this country had seen its final great days had his hopes suddenly lifted and his spirit revived by someone his age who knew the deal and who had seen it the same way. She had made it the vice presidential spot on the national ticket.

So from an old 47 year old who has your back to a young 47 year old who knows the deal, it is my birthday wish that you fulfill your dream of helping America back to greatness again.

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