Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Water Doesn't Stick to Teflon

Get the popcorn and the drinks. This is starting to get fun. The liberal Palin smear machine is coming completely unhinged, derailing like a train in a comedy where the doors fly off and the wheels roll down the side of the hill.

You can't take the kinds of punches Sarah Palin has taken for the past two years and still be standing - and standing even stronger and taller than you were before you took the punches - unless there is something really weak with the attacker, something really strong about the punch taker or a combination of both. The fact that nothing sticks is definitely a tribute to the courage and the toughness and strength of of the "skin" of the one who would wear the nickname "the teflon mom" as nicely as Reagan wore the name of "the teflon president." However, it is also a testament to the fact that the Leftist smear campaign, like water, doesn't stick to teflon because it has no ingredients.

There is no egg, no meat and no cheese in what the left has been cooking. We're onto them and they are out of ammo.

Robert Stacy McCain exposes the Alinsky-like tactics of the Left:
Bad Faith – The accusation that conservatives are motivated by bad faith (mala fides) is essential to the Left’s attacks. Stigmatizing and marginalizing conservatives is much easier than debating them. Cogent arguments about policy become unnecessary to advancing the Left’s political agenda if they can dismiss its opponents as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc

The Ransom Note Method – By carefully selecting “evidence” of bad faith, the Left is able to present a distorted image of its conservative targets. Out-of-context quotes and controversial biographical data are cherry-picked and re-assembled (in the manner of a kidnapper assembling a ransom note) to present the target in the most damning possible light. This method is particularly effective against conservative talk-radio personalities who engage in polemic battle with leftists. This is why Media Matters devotes such enormous resources to monitoring talk radio in hopes of grabbing a 40-second “gotcha” sound-bite.

The ‘Links and Ties’ Method – More than simple guilt-by-association, the Links-and-Ties Method involves presenting a chain of incidental connections to suggest a sympathy of views that does not actually exist. To wit: Target A once spoke at Event B which was sponsored by Group C, co-founded by Person D who once made controversial statement E. By this method, it is implied that Target A actually endorses Statement E.

Telescoping and Telepathy – The actions, statements and associations of a conservative target acquire a trans-temporal permanence in the smear attacks of the Left. Once a target is associated (however incidentally) with controversy, this association can be repeated endlessly as evidence of bad faith, no matter how many years intervene. Furthermore, if the target is associated in Year X with a respectable person or organization that becomes controversial in Year X+5, that association can be cited in Year X+10 as evidence against the target – even if the target had no involvement in the cause of controversy. Finally, all evidence of bad faith accumulated by these methods is presented as indicative of the target’s deepest and unwavering personal convictions, as if the accuser were possessed of telepathic mind-reading abilities.

Deny, Denounce, Repudiate – The key to these attack methods is the presumption of the target’s guilt. The accuser, having carefully selected the evidence to be discussed in the manner of a prosecutor making an indictment, demands that the target deny the accusation, denounce the bad-faith views involved, and repudiate the persons and organizations to whom he has been connected by the links-and-ties method. As anyone who has been targeted by such attacks can attest, it’s rather like being accused in one of Stalin’s infamous Moscow “show trials.”
John Fricke at American Thinker writes:
The left, especially their media wing, are stunned at what is likely to happen on November 2, 2010 -- not just in the election results or the repudiation of their ideals, but more in that, from nowhere, it seems to them, all the ammo they have is suddenly worthless. Backs against the coming electoral wall, they have attacked on every front, using their entire arsenal. Americans who oppose their agenda on any given issue have been, and still are, called the most vicious names the media can conjure up. Homophobic, Islamaphobic, xenophobic, greedy, and, of course, racist. Their media does its not-so-subtle best to paint conservatives with a blood brush, from direct attacks (Time magazine asking if "America [is] Islamaphobic" -- meaning anyone who dares disagree with the liberal position on the mosque at Ground Zero is a racist) to the indirect assaults (CNN referring to the massive crowd at Glen Beck's 8/28 Washington rally as "predominantly white" -- insinuating that the crowd was a collection of racists). Those and all their other attacks have failed. For the first time in modern American political debate, the liberal label gun is jamming. Worse for liberals, the bullets will likely never be effective again.
In these "bullets" we've found the root cause for Palin Derangment Syndrome: Palinphobia. Whitney Pitcher writes at Conservatives4Palin:
So as the Left continues to fear the influence and effectiveness of Governor Palin, they continue to show new symptoms of Palinophobia. No longer is Palinophobia marked solely by the false charge of racism, it also manifests itself with the symptoms of false charges of homophobia and Islamophobia. What's next? It seems that the Left and their cohorts in the media are grasping at straws yet again, but this is not new.
Gone are the days of angst associated with the Left's smear campaign following the 2008 election loss. Having learned to respond with lightning speed to Leftist smears, the armies of truth have taken to their blogs and the Twittersphere to debunk myths, lies and smears as quickly as they are written. The challenge put forth by those who relentlessly smear Governor Palin and the Tea Party movement has been like a workout that leaves Palin's supporters intellectually buff and ready at a moment's notice. And Palin herself is noticeably cut in her ability to talk policy, respond to smears in a media savvy way and connect with the people via her Facebook page. Intellectually flabby Leftists and ankle biters who tried everything they could to stop her have failed miserably. The gig is up.

As the Journolist story broke, the laughable Emily's list "Mama Grizzly" video was released and writers everywhere were writing stories about Sarah Palin's waning influence in the wake of an anticipated Lisa Murkowski primary win, those on the right were quickly flicking the Left off like harmless gnats. When Michael Joseph Gross wrote the Vanity Fair hit piece, it was as if a puny 90 pound weakling had come to take on the muscle man that Palin and her army has become today.

Dr. Gina Loudon, in addressing the author of the Vanity Fair hit piece on Big Journalism, Micheal Joseph Gross, may have just summed up the entirety of the Left's epic failure of a smear campaign:
I think your piece (which has been rebuked by liberals and conservatives alike) may have pushed anyone who doubted the Palins square into their corner. You may have done more for her than a million dollars worth of marketing. You may have boosted her shot at the White House. We may all be thanking you for that one day.
While the smears against Sarah Palin will continue (the smear campaign against Ronald Reagan continued throughout his entire presidency), you can mark this down: the Vanity Fair 18 page empty shell will come to symbolize the moment when the smear campaign became impotent and limp.

The smears the Left passed around to each other like syphillis may have once created a false apprehension in the less astute reader, voter, independent or moderate; but ultimately even these people will find that Palin is more palatable than they've been led to believe, especially if they are suffering "buyer's remorse" over Obama. They will find that the only thing the Left has to serve them is the burnt toast of hope and change, which in most restaurants gets sent back to the kitchen. Soon these people will be able to order the Palin omelet without everyone around them looking at them funny.

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