Monday, September 27, 2010

Chuck Smith For Congress in Virginia's 3rd District

Ever since I moved to Virginia in 2000, every Congressional election has provided me with no choice. Every two years, liberal Democrat Bobby Scott runs unapposed and I leave that race blank on my ballot every time. That is not happening this year. Chuck Smith is opposing him this time. I have someone I can vote for now.

Here in Virginia's 3rd District (which was somehow gerrymandered in favor of the Democrats, and which left me just on the other side of a line that would have put me in Eric Cantor's district), it's an ecclectic mix of urban Democrats and rural Republicans. Comprising the cities of Richmond, Portsmouth and Newport News, it is weighted more in favor of high population areas that vote Democrat over lesser populated areas that vote Republican.

Yet, with a strong anti-incumbent feeling throughout the electorate and the growing Tea Party movement that is bringing serious issues of out of control government spending, soaring deficits and the failure of "hope and change" to the district,  there is hope that more moderate Democrats and independents here could be the key to reversing the effects of gerrymandering and turn this congressional district red.

This is what Chuck Smith is all about:
My Ten Commitments

I, Chuck Smith, commit to you, the voters of the 3rd District,
to work for the following:

1. Increased Employment and Economic Growth. I want to strengthen American businesses by getting the government off their backs, and out of their wallets, so they can focus on hiring the unemployed and building our communities and fueling our way back to prosperity.

2. Cutting Government Spending. We are $13 Trillion in debt, and the politicians are still taking home the pork without restraint. I pledge to vote to reduce government size and government spending, and focus on fiscal responsibility with a balanced budget.

3. No More Bail-outs. Just as businesses should be free to succeed, they should be free to fail. Working Americans should not see their hard-earned money taken to save big businesses from unwise practices. I pledge to protect working Americans from this exploitation.

4. Lower Taxes. Americans cannot afford to send another penny to the federal government, especially not now. We need to keep our money in our communities, to buy products, sold by Americans, in local businesses. As I have pledged to reduce government spending I can confidently pledge to reduce taxes.

5. Real Education Reform. Many government programs simply fund more levels of bureaucrats and do not actually help the children and teachers in the classroom. I will fight for real education reform that better prepares our children to be a productive part of our communities.

6. Cutting Government Waste. We need to cut the waste from every single government program. Too many taxpayer dollars are thrown away, when they could have been spent wisely at home and in the community. I pledge to reduce government waste.

7. Informed Law-Making. I pledge to read every bill before I vote for it, and I promise to fight for a rule-change that requires each bill be posted, in its final form, for five business days before coming to a vote, to make sure all Americans know what’s in the legislation before we pass it. I pledge transparency in all law-making that does not compromise our national security.

8. Secure Borders and Fair Immigration Procedures. Immigration laws must be enforced to protect American citizens, and the immigration process must be simplified to provide a clear and open path for those who wish to join us legally. I commit to protecting Americans first.

9. Strict Enforcement of the Constitution. The great document places limits on government power, and protects our individual liberties. I pledge to uphold those limits and protections.

10. True Representation for the 3rd District. When you send me to Washington, I pledge to work for you, and I’ll keep coming home to you to find out how you think I’m doing.
I encourage everyone who reads this to donate to his campaign. Help us take back my congressional district.

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