Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today's Republican Primary Voter's Guide

Gone are the days when you go to the ballot box and vote for the "R" that the party selected for you. Today's politics is being infiltrated at every level by the working man, the professional, the busy mom and the silent members of the majority who used to come home after a long day and be thankful to grab the remote around 9 or 9:30 and catch a good comedy or two on the TV before grabbing a late night snack and heading off to bed. The couch potato has suddenly realized that there will be no couch, or at best it might be redistributed to someone who has spent the day leaning on a post if he or she doesn't get off it and hit the phones or the computer.

Today is a big day. Those voting in Republican primaries have an opportunity to send a message to the establishment: there will be no more business as usual! Hard working slobs, average Joes and ladies who would normally be putting their kids to bed, exhausted from the days toil, are taking those extra couple of hours normally spent on the couch to do something that they never thought they'd have to do: save their country.

Today, Kelly Ayotte will get her opportunity to be nominated to run for Senate in New Hampshire.  One could argue Ayotte's "establishment," but she is not like the establishment candidates that Sarah Palin has taken on. Ayotte is a conservative woman and a mom. She fits the Mama Grizzly meme. She represents more of what the establishment should look like after we take it over than the way it is now with party insiders just doing their own bidding at the expense of the voters and taxpayers.

One myth to dispel regarding Kelly Ayotte is a smear being used to try to paint her as sympathetic to Planned Parenthood. "The Telegraph stated in part that '(Ovide) Lamontagne had planned to bring up Ayotte’s decision as attorney general to have state taxpayers pay $300,000 in legal fees to Planned Parenthood,' leaving out five critical words: as ordered by the court." Read more here. Ayotte has been endorsed by the National Right to Life and the Susan B. Anthony List. She also has a strong record as Attorney General. Sarah Palin described her as "one tough 'Granite Grizzly' who has broken barriers, fought off and locked up criminals, and stood up for New Hampshire families."

While Ovide Lamontagne is a good candidate, he is running against a conservative Republican with a strong record who has used her status within the Republican Party responsibly.

In Delaware on the other hand, Mike Castle, who earned a 52% rating by the ACU, is a true RINO and presents a true contrast to outsider Christine O'Donnell similar to the one that Murkowski presented to Joe Miller. Although O'Donnell does not have the resume that Miller has, she has the heart, the fighting spirit and the common sense of a Miller. O'Donnell has suffered personal financial hardships which she has not lied about or covered up. Instead, she overcame them and "has broken through to the other side," as she said on Fox News this morning. She demonstrates a winning spirit and attitude that eventually, if one has faith and perserverence, leads to the overcoming of obstacles that would normally cause a lesser woman in her position to question her ability to even give it a shot. Castle is the typical insider - a good old boy who has been overcoming his RINO record by being a liberal Republican in a blue state.

Christine O'Donnell is real. She understands what needs to be done to take this country back. She gets it.

Maryland's race is somewhere between the New Hampshire and Delaware races as far as the ideological spectrum goes. On paper, Robert Ehrlich is an okay candidate. His 83% ACU rating would keep him in the tent, although probably somewhere over on the left edge at the McCain table. At first glance, Sarah Palin's endorsement of Brian Murphy causes one to pause and wonder. However, given the fact that "Ehrlich is not pro-life and opposes display of the Ten Commandments in public buildings," according to a 2001 article from Human Events (hardly written in today's environment of Tea Party purism), one can understand why the pro-life Palin would want to endorse his opponent.

At first, this blogger was not fully in touch with Palin's reasoning (a borderline "sin" for someone who views Palin as Reagan's politcally incarnate daughter). But, when Ehrlich melted down after Palin's endorsement, William F. Buckley's statement about being "governed by the first 100 names in the Boston phone directory " made a whole lot more sense. Palin's endorsement of Brian Murphy is highlighted by the contrast of views between establishment types and true grassroots. And after looking at Ehrlich's pro-life record, questionable 2nd amendment credentials and vitriolic response to Palin's endorsement of Murphy, one couldn't help but conclude that even if Palin picked Murphy's name out of the Maryland phone book, choosing this longshot actually wasn't that bad of a thing.

Put a strong conservative with an impeccable record like Kelly Ayotte into the Sentate in Maryland. Get rid of a RINO like Mike Castle and put a real commonsense conservative like Christine O'Donnell in the Senate in Delaware. And don't let an unhinged career politician like Robert Ehrlich back into a Governor's seat that is better served by the likes of a Brian Murphy who has real private sector experience.

When we look at our vision of what we want those who lead us to look like, we have to seize upon the opportunity to vote for the ones today who will be part of that vision tomorrow. Kelly Ayotte, Christine O'Donnell and Brian Murphy fit that vision best in today's races. Go vote and make it happen.

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