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Governor Palin, Your Destiny Awaits You

It's time for us to hand Sarah Palin the Excalibur sword and tell her that it is her destiny. A nation's survival is at stake. Governor Palin, if you accept our call to run, we will always have your back. All you have to do is snap your fingers and you will have an instant army at your finger tips. It would be like a scene out of Braveheart.

Ever since Ronald Reagan inspired me to study political science and follow politics, I've prided myself on being in tune with an American philosophy that is deeply rooted in our Founders's principles and in the philosophy of Reagan. He was the only one who inspired me until Sarah Palin came along to fill the political void after his death.

It was over 20 years that I was watching Reagan deliver a speech and it hit me. I had been arguing with liberals and family members about politics earlier that week. When I listened to what he was saying, I realized that the reason why I loved the guy so much was because he agreed with me. He was me with a microphone and platform.

I didn't have to explain Reagan's philosophy in a clinical way to my friends and family. All I had to do was explain my own political philosophy and it was the same. When people accuse me of getting my talking points from Rush Limbaugh, I explain it's not that I listen to Rush and use his talking points. It's that when I listen to Rush, he always validates the political positions that I have already taken.

Prior to the 2008 election (particularly between 2006 and 2008), I would watch videos of Ronald Reagan speeches with tears in my eyes because I felt as if it was over. All the things that Reagan spoke about were disappearing from the American political landscape and discourse. No candidate since Reagan until that time was ever able to get a 100% rating from me.

I've always prided myself on charting my own course and developing my own positions in my writing and in my verbal debates with friends and family. When Sarah Palin gave her RNC speech 3 years ago yesterday, I couldn't believe it. There was hope again. When Ronald Reagan was alive, I knew there was always someone out there who got the deal. I wasn't alone in my thinking. When he was gone, it was as if I had lost my political voice. Suddenly, I heard my voice again. It was a little more high pitched than I expected it to be and it came from mouth of a petite woman from Alaska this time. But it was my voice. It was Reagan's voice, too.

It's been a tough road trying to talk to people about this. The Sarah Palin arguments have sometimes gotten heated; and during these debates, I have been the most challenged. This required me to be intellectually honest and objective enough to step back and evaluate whether or not my staunch pro-Palinism was rooted more in political infatuation or more in political reality. Over the course of the last month, I've been giving my Palinism a lot of thought. I'm not going to say I've had doubts, but I can tell you there are fleeting moments when you break out in a cold sweat thinking that it might not happen.

I started evaluating whether or not she really was what I thought she was. There are so many psychological tactics the media have been using to break into the subconscious minds of good thinking Americans. Is she that creature that Frank Bailey describes in her book? Is she not up to speed on the issues the way the pundits are saying she isn't?

I examined everything and after giving it great thought, I wrote a piece for my Townhall blog on August 9, 2011 outlining the real reasons why I believed a Palin presidency was best for America. I wrote:
With Palin, you not only take down the radical socialist agenda of the American Left, you also take down the business as usual crony capitalism of the center.

In the past, winning elections for the Republicans was an exercise in defeating liberalism and socialism so that business as usual could continue in Washington where the political class could continue to enjoy the trappings of power while the rest of us were relatively unimpeded as we worked hard at our jobs and businesses. Without the serious threat like the one we have now from a Manchurian shadow party candidate that is dismantling our entire way of life, many of the eyes that are on this upcoming election would be looking at other things instead.

Since it was business as usual that got us into this mess in the first place, why not just clean house completely? Why not just completely renew and restore the thing to the way it was supposed to be when envisioned by our Founders?

Stopping the political games of earmarks and special interests used to be an exercise in futility for the average voter, particularly as long as their businesses or jobs weren’t be stifled by burdensome regulations or a choked off capital market the way they are now. In a normal year, RINOs and center right Republicans are able to win elections and stay in favor with their constituents because they are a better alternative to liberalism and socialism. Now that we have a Tea Party, we are finding that we can reject both options in favor of real free enterprise and a true adherence to Constitutional principles.

This is a rare opportunity for America to change its political system not by discarding it or fundamentally transforming it, but by changing the players themselves. By sending citizen politicians and people who will not be corrupted to Washington, the American people can send a message to establishment Democrats and Republicans alike that the golden age of the fat cats stuffing themselves at the taxpayer funded trough is over.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for those of us who have always hated crony capitalism to finally become part of a coalition to end it. We can truly kill both birds with one pull of the lever. We can defeat radical socialism and crony capitalism by electing Sarah Palin president.

We can defeat socialism with the pull of a lever next to any of the other candidates’ names (and if we have to, we will). But there will be no guarantee that we can kill crony capitalism or elitism if we do that. We can risk returning to business as usual after Obama is booted out or we can begin a new age in America where the opportunity for prosperity is truly open to all, not just those who get the wealth redistributed to them or who are affiliated with mismanaged businesses who just happen to be too big or too entrenched to fail.
I had no way of knowing what she was going to say yesterday when I wrote that. So when I heard what she said in the speech, it was like a symphony of beautiful music to my ears. But, right after I wrote this piece (amidst the poll numbers and the wondering about whether or not she was going to run), I decided that I would have to be more objective about her. Could she deliver a speech the way Reagan did? Could she be as substantive as he was? Could I agree with her as much as I agreed with him? For the past month, I have been challenging myself to be honest.

Prior to yesterday's speech, I watched Ronald Reagan's 1992 Republican National Convention speech to critique and focus on his mannerisms, his delivery style and the substance of his speech. I wanted to have a good picture of Reagan in my mind if I was going to evaluate Sarah Palin fairly and honestly.

I stepped back and did not go into yesterday's speech with glazed eyes and a glass of Palin kool aid in my hand. I went into it as a guy who saw the Fox News poll about how no one wants her to run and how maybe she was beginning to lose her star power and influence as the other GOP candidates were garnering more media attention. I have to confess. I have been becoming concerned about her unwillingness to give us her intentions on whether she was running or not, so I've been backing off a little.

Here's how that worked out. Make no mistake about it. Sarah Palin's speech yesterday was beyond incredible. I admit I yelled at her on the TV again yesterday when she said "you don't need a title." But, when she articulated her economic plan and talked about crony capitalism as clearly and concisely as she did yesterday, it was if I was reintroduced to the woman who electrified me in 2008. I am convinced more now than ever that this is our only shot. She has to run.

All of us together can take back our country. She will need all of us in the movement to help her. She told us how difficult it would be and that we'd be mocked. That doesn't bother me. The fruits of our labor are worth the price. I understand we can't just rely on her or some politician to do it for us. I understand it's a big decision for her and her family. But I also know one thing. We can't do it without her. Only Sarah Palin can be the point guard for the plan. Only she can deliver on what she said yesterday. In order to do so, she will need all of us; but one of us going to have to have a title to implement it.

Ronald Reagan stepped up for us and delivered on the message with the help of his army. He and his supporters together led our country into prosperity and ended the Cold War. Without Ronald Reagan, the conservative movement couldn't have done it. Without the conservative movement, Reagan couldn't have done it. But we needed him to take the pen and make it happen. He could have never done what he did without a title.

Call it political blasphemy if you want, but there were times that I swore it was Ronald Reagan speaking yesterday. Her mannerisms, delivery style and substance were every bit as equal to that of Ronald Reagan. I watched the Ronald Reagan videos like I said and she was dead on yesterday, man, dead on.

Some of the liberals and skeptics who read this piece are going to say I'm nuts. But I challenge anyone to sit down and watch a Reagan speech side by side with yesterday's Palin speech and tell me if she wasn't him yesterday.

It wasn't very hard for me to picture Reagan giving that speech. In fact, had he been alive and delivered that speech yesterday, it would have been one of his finest. It was Palin's best speech since her 2008 RNC vice presidential acceptance speech by far.

As for the substance, if anyone wants to know what my positions on Barack Obama, the GOP Establishment, crony capitalism and an economic plan to save our country are, see the speech.

She totally gets it. Totally.

Governor Palin, we need you. Run, Sarah, run.

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  1. another good post Patrick...

    I had noticed a slight wavering of your Palin support and I have doubts sometimes too (why did she support Hatch?)... but all my doubts were erased by this speech... loved it when she said here's "my plan"... SHE HAS A PLAN... and I thought well of course she does... she'll formally announce a candidacy at her time, her place, her venue...

    keep up the great posts, keep your optimism... and keep that sword at the ready my friend :)


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