Thursday, September 1, 2011

Does America Deserve Sarah Palin?

Probably not

For the past three years, I and scores of people across the country have put in a lot of time and given of ourselves in many different ways. Some have walked the streets handing out cards. Some have contributed significant sums to SarahPac. Some have used their media microphones or keyboards to speak out on her behalf. Some have blogged. Some have tweeted. Others have given up more to unofficially campaign for her and work toward getting an unofficial organization in place. A couple of events have just taken place that makes me wonder if the nation deserves the woman that we all have worked so hard to support, and if that woman even wants to run at this point.

Don't mistake anything here as a change in my level of support or desire for a Palin presidency. Instead, allow me to explain why Sarah Palin has an out, an out that I never thought she'd have.

I originally thought that Governor Palin couldn't possibly let us go through with all this if she knew she wasn't going to run. She's aware of us (maybe not individually, but collectively she knows we're here). She reads Conservatives4Palin and, who knows, she may even be reading your blog right now if you are fellow Pro-Palin blogger. But, I'm beginning to wonder if she's getting as fed up with the movement as her supporters are.

I couldn't live in the Alaskan climate. I'd have no problem with the hunting and the fishing; but at anything below 20 above, I start to shake. On a more serious note, I can honestly tell you that if I was in her shoes, I would have taken the money and been gone by now. She's a better person than I am. She has been more interested in and more morally capable of fulfilling a higher destiny. That's why she's hung in there so long.

But, after reading the crap that I've been reading from our side and after being honest with myself, it would not surprise me if she flipped the non-believers the Italian arm salute and waltzed off into a lucrative speaking and media career instead of running for president.

I submit as exhibit A: Fox News Poll: Perry Overtakes Romney as Top GOP 2012 Pick; Most Say Palin Should Stay Out of Race

I submit as exhibit B: 1) Karl Rove 2)Dick Morris and 3) Erick Erickson

I submit as exhibit C: The nasty tweets I see from so-called conservative activists.

The liberal media and the Democrat Party could not convince me that Palin was not qualified. But the conservative media and the Republican Party has convinced me that they're not qualified to have her as their nominee. According to the Fox News Poll - if you just count Republicans and Tea Partiers - the number of those who want her to stay out of the race tells me that the liberal media has won and that those on our side have bought into their memes - even if subconsciously.

We spent three years trying to correct the record, debunk the myths and make it clear to everyone that if we were ever going to have even a chance to take back our country, we would have to convince everyone but kool aid drinking liberals that the media lies. We have failed in this endeavor. Therefore, whether or not Obama wins or loses, America is headed for the toilet if Palin packs it in.

If the conservative movement in this country wanted to ever stick it to the liberals good, they could either find a better candidate or just say the heck with it and back Sarah Palin to the hilt. This is not bitterness or because they're not supporting Sarah Palin. It's because they don't have a better horse and they're not supporting Palin!

Most of the whining and complaining about Sarah Palin from our side is coming from people who haven't even decided yet. They don't want her to get in. How will they ever know if she's the next great one or not if they don't give her a chance to prove herself?!

I'm tired of hearing people bitching about Romney or Perry when they don't have anyone better. I'm okay with people who have other candidates who are supporting them. I understand political tactics and why supporters of one candidate try to undermine the other candidates as part of the game. But when I hear conservatives and Tea Partiers whining about other candidates and they don't have one of their own, I'm sorry, it makes me sick.

Sarah Palin has a scheduled event in South Korea next month as far as we know. I can't find the answer to this. But, isn't it true that if you are a candidate for president that you cannot receive any kind of compensation for speaking?

This tells me that she may not be running.

And, I don't blame her. I thought I'd be mad at her. I thought I'd be upset if she fell into the media trap that if she didn't run then she would be seen as having done all of this to take or earn money from her supporters and leave them at the political altar. Now I can understand why. I can see the out she has.

They can say she did all this for the money. They can say she's unelectable. They can say she's not qualified. I'm not buying it. All the haters and non-believers can sit there and say "I told you so" as Sarah Palin laughs at them over her shoulder as she heads for the bank. Good for her!

If she doesn't run it's because she was smart this time. Unlike the last time everyone screwed her and she left with over $700,000 worth of debt, at least this time she can go out with a bag of cash. She's not stupid. If I could get compensated for all the bullshit I've put up with in my life, I'd take the money and run, too. So why would I hold it against her if she did the same thing on a much larger scale?

If what everyone on our side is saying and if the Fox poll is true, America doesn't deserve Sarah Palin. We're probably destined to head off into that thousand years of darkness that Ronald Reagan warned us about. After blowing the shining city on a hill that he left us with the first time, we are now blowing our only chance of getting it back.

We've been looking for our next Reagan. There will never be another Ronald Reagan. But, there has never been anyone since then who is as closely Reaganesque as Sarah Palin is. If there was, I'd be voting for him or her and Palinistas would be complaining about me.

Unfortunately in America today, being the hardest worker and the most qualified doesn't count. I know this personally, politically and intellectually. Therefore, I am a realist about the possibilities that Palin may not be our nominee. But, you will have to pull that dream from my dying fingers along the rest of my other ones because, as Don Henley once sang, "I will not go quietly." There is no such thing as surrender. There is only such thing as reload.

The sun also rises and the roller coaster eventually goes back to the top.

I will continue to blog and write in support of Sarah Palin. I have no idea whether she will run or not. We did so good going into the midterms. But now that we are headed for that final stretch, the movement is running out of steam. Sarah Palin is the energy. The movement is rejecting that energy. There's nothing more I can do to help if the numbers aren't there. I can sing in key, but if the rest of the choir is off, it doesn't matter.

She may want to run. She may be thinking about running. She may be letting what's happening with her supporters play out in case she does run. She could have a plan up her sleeve. But, she could also be gauging her support and asking herself "do I really want to lead a movement that doesn't want me?"

That question could have just been answered by a phone call from her agent telling her that she has a great gig lined up in South Korea and the price is right. Sarah Palin won't be selling us out if she doesn't run. The conservative and Tea Party movements will be selling her out by telling her they don't want her.

If you voted for Sarah Palin for vice president and will not be voting for her again, please leave the room.


  1. I'm with ya, Patrick.
    Maybe, as decision-time draws near, folks are getting really nervous as the tension is about to boil over. Some are afraid she will tear up their playhouse; some are afraid she won't run.
    I am still optimistic, Patrick, but I think there is enough of the germ of America left to enable us to fight on and become exceptional and free again. We must!

  2. Maybe this will boost your spirits:
    “National Review: Palin Will Blast ‘Compromised Political Class’ in Iowa”



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