Friday, September 2, 2011

Typhoon Sarah Quote and Something from Gary P. Jackson

Before I get into it, Sarah Palin will talk about crony capitalism in her Iowa speech tomorrow. Here's how crony capitalism works:

I've been telling everyone that the key to victory in 2012 is to get people to understand that the media lies. Now, this Typhoon Sarah quote sums up quite well everything that I have been trying to say since 2008:
I have to believe that there remain, among the tens of millions of American voters who still know only the lapdog media’s lies and the terrified politicos’whistling past their graveyards, a significant percentage who actually do not like being lied to, taken for granted, and played for imbeciles. When they see this film and realize that they have been used like a disposable tool, there exists the chance that a tidal wave of justifiable anger will swell in a backlash which will overflow the banks of what have previously been the historically known voter pools.
So why are we in this predicament? Let's let Gary P. Jackson explain how we got here:
One of Alinsky’s teachings is to drop the openly radical nonsense, like the terror bombings Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers was into. Alinsky advised his pupils to take a bath, cut their hair, and put on a smart suit. The idea was to blend in with the establishment, and eventually BECOME the establishment. It was a good plan that worked out well, for the hard left. They are now part of the establishment.
America will need to understand these concepts if we are to renew and restore our country. Tell it from the highest mountain tops.

For info on Sarah Palin's speech tomorrow, go here (h/t Conservatives4Palin).

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