Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Have Found The One Who Can Lead Us

Sarah Palin spoke in Boston today where she rallied the movement by hitting all the key points she has been making in an extremely well delivered and well written speech. She was concise when discussing energy, taxes and the free market. She also crafted her words perfectly when explaining that the differences in world views and the differences in opinion is "nothing that a good old fashioned election can’t fix." Most of all, she proved to us today that she can lead us with her excitement, her ideas and her optimism.

"America's best days are yet to come," Palin cheerfully told the crowd. Using the Boston Marathon as a motivational analogy she said "so get your second wind, America!" She may not have realized it, but when she told the crowd "the dream of Washington, Lincoln and Reagan... lives on in you," she was the personification of the ideals she was reflecting as she became the ultimate mirror of all that we feel.

Palin reached out to all Americans: registered Republicans, Reagan Democrats and independents. She even reached out to those who voted for some on the left in a most amazing way.
I’m not calling anyone un-American. But the unintended consequences of these actions, the results, are un-American.

I don’t want anybody to feel bad if they had supported some of those on the left in that last election. Because how would a lot of folks have known? We had a complicit media that did not do its job completely. Some tried, but some did not - not vetting the candidates, all the intentions there.

Now, don’t feel bad though because most Americans were busy. We’re busy living our lives, raising our families and running our businesses. So, how were some to know? But now we do know. That’s the point. Now we do know. We know what the problem is. And now we’re going to fix the problem.
Once the hair stopped standing up on the back of this blogger's neck, I realized that she was articulating a position I had taken when trying to explain to people that it's not about selling Sarah Palin or conservatism, but rather selling those who voted the wrong way on the fact that the media lies in order to win them back.

Sarah Palin used the EXACT strategy for taking it back that I've been outlining in previous blogs and on my web pages. I've written this:

The American people had become so busy just surviving the economic climate that they not only deferred their fact finding responsibilities to the media, they also deferred their conclusion drawing abilities to them too. So called "straight news reporting" was focused on McCain's Republican party as the overseer of a financial crisis that occurred on its watch while glossing over the root causes of the crisis which should have been examined more deeply by researching the policies and statements of Democratic representatives Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.
And I've written this:
Let the record be straight: media malpractice is the reason so many fell for Obama. McCain got 46% of the vote and 58,343,671 people voted for him. Obama got 53% and 66,882,230 votes. That means the 8.5 million of those that make up the spread are also the same ones that can be flipped once they realize the media duped them. John Ziegler said "...far too many of us simply down whatever the media spoon feeds us and that we don't do a lot of critical thinking or research on our own." The key to winning elections for Republicans is going to be their ability to get Americans to understand how deeply the left has been methodically controlling the media with The Great Left Smear Machine, which is explained by Rowan Scarborough in Human Events. And this task is not daunting when you consider it's not about converting 66 million people. It's only about converting 8.5 million.

We will win the moderates with our fiscal conservatism. We will win young libertarians with our limited government and personal liberty theme. And we will win the "sheep" who believed everything the media fed them at face value with a campaign to urge them to do their own research. This is not to put down people who are sheep. This is to motivate and encourage them to seek the truth instead of giving in to a shallow position of following leftist pop culture so as to appear cool or sophisticated. When a sheep wakes up and realizes it's been sheared, it will not go to the pen so easily next time. Besides, we may even be able to convince them that our anti-establishment counter-culture is so much better than anything the leftist "elites" have to offer. The moderates will defect when the leftists' government spending gets out of hand and the libertarians will defect when the leftists impose on their freedoms. There are your 8.5 million swing voters.

As for hard core liberals, the kool aid drinkers themselves, we cannot win them over. Thus, there is no need to change the fundamental core of the conservative philosophy. We can win elections without them and eventually reduce their numbers through sheer intellectual argument while simultaneously using their own tactics against them.

1. Convince people that the media lies to us and expose liberal bias and double standards frequently.
How amazing it was to hear Sarah Palin validate everything I feel and believe. Like Reagan, she is a rare politico who can take everything that many of us are writing and thinking and put it into several concise sentences that she delivers back to us in a perfectly articulated form.

Just look at what she's overcome to get to where she is. Just look at how beaten down the American people were as Obama rode roughshod over their will. Like Sarah Palin, we too were down and bloodied, clinging to life in our fight against the left. Now we are standing strong with stiff spines and we are on offense.

Sarah Palin didn't retreat. She reloaded as her father Chuck Heath would say. After a vicious 2008 vice presidential candidacy and a return to Alaska only to be attacked relentlessly by bloggers and the mainstream media, Sarah Palin has pulled it all together with her book Going Rogue: An American Life, her Fox News gig, her speaking events and her role in the Tea Party movement.

My original website evolved from an earlier webpage "The American Page" into this blogger's full blown thought on conservatism and the conservative movement. It was born during a morning of yearning when George W. Bush was named the 2000 GOP presidential nominee. And while it far from declared Bush as the next Ronald Reagan, it acknowledged that Bush had been handed liberty's lamp and would have to lead us in the political shadow of the person who he described as "Our leader" in his statement on the Reagan's death.

The page has since been updated and changed somewhat, but kept in its original format. I remember writing the page in 2000 with a deep felt, almost melancholy yearning for the kind of leadership this country had under Ronald Reagan. I even put a link on there "THE FUTURE Who Best Can Support and Continue the Philosophy?" But, I also accepted the fact that it was highly unlikely that a leader of Reagan's caliber would be coming along anytime soon. By the time John McCain had won the 2008 presidential primaries, I was even surer there was no Reagan in the field of candidates Republicans were putting up on the national level then.

Then, we met Sarah Palin.

That's when I changed "THE FUTURE" link and pointed it to an article about her.

On my Fight for the Right page and in subsequent blog posts, I outlined exactly what I wanted to see the conservative movement do. I expressed a hope in the movement when the Tea Party was in its infancy and Sarah Palin was down and out in Alaska. Since then, Sarah Palin has been executing the plan better than anyone could have ever dreamed. Her merger with the Tea Party is beyond amazing.

The yearning is over and there is no longer a need to search for someone to lead us back to that shining city on a hill and to make "Patrick's World" one with Ronald Reagan's world again. We have found that leader. It is with prayer this blogger believes that conservatives will come to an understanding that we can be successful in the hard fought but glorious journey back to the greatness of America with Sarah Palin as our leader.

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