Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Daily Caller: 'Sarah Palin has definitely arrived'

I just love to go back to October 2008 when I told people if you think Sarah Palin is big now wait until 2012 when she is a behemoth. Gamers may understand this: Sarah Palin is going to continue leveling up until she can reach the final screen where she defeats the undefeatable and helps us takes back America. Someone call Nintendo even if the meme of the game might be too close to Zelda to make it viable. And if Nintento can't sell it in game form, at least the Daily Caller sure can sell the concept in written form much better than this blogger can.

My post "Palin Takes The Next Step Forward" on Palin Twibe Blog and Sarah's Web Brigade was a nice try at pointing out another important moment in the evolution of Sarah Palin. But Jedediah Bila just simply lands it when she writes:
If you had any doubts before, make no mistake: Sarah Palin has definitely arrived. And whatever her future plans may be, rest assured her voice will be resolute, her approach refreshing, and her contributions pivotal.
Read the whole article. And keep the duct tape handy as it will probably blow your mind. Liberals will also need the duct tape in case their heads spin off. And as a rising star in the media herself, Bila appears to give off the right shine at The DC where the conservatism is good but where the Palin coverage needs a little polishing. Just as she's done the last two times she appeared on Hannity, Bila has slammed it home in her final sentences.

But don't just believe the Palin kool aid drinkers.

Even moderates like Joe Lieberman are starting to say things like "I do disagree with her on some of the specifics that she has said, but I think anybody who underestimates Sarah Palin as a political force in America does so at some peril, because she is speaking for a lot of people out there." In October 2008, Lieberman alluded to the fact that Palin would need some training. Things have changed.

There are still going to be those who don't want to accept the rise of Sarah Palin. But with writing like Bila's and comments like Lieberman's, it will be very difficult to overcome the obvious now that the smearing and the bogus stories about divorces, federal indictments and reality shows aren't sticking. In some of the latest liberal columns, it's becoming evident that the attack, smear and destroy approach has failed miserably and their tactics are changing. They are beginning to accept her as a force to be reckoned with now as they turn to their research departments to at least come up with some viable opposition to Palin on policy.

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