Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sarah Palin: The Media Lies

Yesterday, I compared Time Magazine to the WWE because, as we all know, their writing is like wrastling: it's entertainment but it's not real. What a great smackdown it was last night on Hannity when Sarah Palin jumped into the ring and clobbered Joe Klein, Time Magazine and the mainstream media. Palin articulated the lack of credibility in what she calls "the lamestream media" effectively -bolstering the reasoning behind my favorite catch phrase: the media lies.

There is another post that's worth a re-read: Isn't it Great They're Smearing Palin Again? Check out the link to the Glenn Beck show and be prepared to laugh your ass off. On February 7th, I slammed Joe Klein in that blog post for calling Tea Partiers un-American and for attacking Palin. I was made happier for the writing of that post when our modern day journalistic Joe McCarthy went at it again calling Sarah Palin seditious as he continued his "conservative dissent borders on being anti-American" meme in his latest piece. Caleb writes on Western Journalism:
As Time-Warner continues to try and figure out why no one readers their fish wrapper of a magazine they may want to check up on Joe Klein. The guys pretends to be objective and a real “journalist” but in reality he’s just a hack for the left and he always has been. His latest affront? He’s now gone and accused both Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck of sedition.
Joe Klein is simply a clown. "Yes, what a piece of work that Mr. Klein is for the piece that he wrote, Palin told Hannity last night referring to this post and this appearance on Chris Matthews' Hardball. "That is something else."

Here's the money quote from Palin on Hannity last night:
You know you would hope that the powers that be at a, quote, unquote, reputable organization like TIME magazine that they would hold their employee — and I assume that Mr. Klein gets paid for the columns that he writes — that they would hold their employee accountable and they would actually ask him what is it that I or others in the conservative movement have said that would rise to the level of this inciting of violence and revolt and all these other things that evidently he claims.

For them to allow things like that to be printed just really discredits TIME magazine and other organizations that would allow that kind of rhetoric and false reporting, misreporting. They're lies.
Palin also hit the media for its hypocrisy on the Goldman Sachs debaucle when she tweeted:

Hey Media: want 2 earn some credibility?U hammered Bush 4 Enron contributions,but ignore GoldmanSachs 10-fold influence on Obama?Change that
Sarah Palin wrote about the media and the leftist smear machine in Going Rogue: An American Life. She pointed out how the left used ethics complaints to smear Newt Gingrich when he was Speaker of the House and how it is similar to the way they used ethics complaints against her to grind the government of Alaska to a halt. She pointed out how the left trumped up the ethics charges so that they would be picked up by the mainstream media. She says that the media and the Alaska bloggers did so much to try to get her out of office and then they had the audacity to come back and criticize her for resigning - for doing the one thing they wanted her to do.

Articles continue to pop up in the media this week claiming that Palin resigned so she could make money. Palin explains her position best in her book when she writes "They [the media] just couldn't believe that a politician would willingly give up power and title for good reasons."

Hannity raised the issue of the media smear machine last night: "Governor, you have been attacked for the clothes you wear. Your family has been attacked. Your intelligence has been questioned. Your governance has been questioned. Your motivations has been questioned." Palin let it rip:
It's about the message that's just this common sense conservative solutions that are needed to get this country back on the right track.

They don't like it. They can't handle it. We rattle them when we talk to these liberal elites about what it is that most Americans believe in. Those time tested truths that built America into the greatest country on earth and we want to get her back there. We want to be able to embrace that exceptionalism again.

And when we talk about things that we can do to put us back on the right track, it drives them crazy. It makes their heads spin. And I don't know, I think we should look at it kind of as a compliment that we are effective.
The media lies and Sarah Palin wears the vitriol they spew at her like a badge of honor.

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