Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Time is Gone

The time is gone, the song is over, Thought I'd something more to say. -Pink Floyd "Time"

Without the one who could fully renew and restore our nation in the White House, we continue to risk our futures on candidates who are unproven or who may give it their best efforts to fix things only to have them ruined down the road when the parties exchange power again. As conservatives, we have never relied on the government to be our provider. But the time is gone when we can truly return our government to its Constitutional roots.

Monstrous government can be made smaller. Regulations can be rolled back. Policies can be implemented to undo what Obama has done. The next president will have that task. But have no illusions. The days of small Constitutional government aren't coming. There may be years of smaller government followed by years of bigger government, but that's the cycle of our political system. We must look at our own lives and our own families and decide how we are going to move forward now.

It's about the money. No, not Sarah Palin's money, our money. While we are conservatives who have never believed in government doing things for us, we must accept the fact that our government will always at some level be a hindrance rather than part of the solution to our efforts to fully defend ourselves from the flaming arrows of life's controllable misfortunes.

If we are to survive in the America we know and love, we must create it and nurture it in our own corners of the world. This means a continued faith in God and a perpetual effort at bettering ourselves spiritually and financially.

This writer intends on perservering in my professional life toward a goal of being financially well off enough to be able to solve earthly problems and to secure myself against the ravages of taxation, bureaucracy and regulation. Seeking wealth is not an exercise of greed. It is an exercise of self defense. I encourage all my readers to learn all they can about success and to go after it.

Sisyphus was no fool. Neither are we Palin supporters. We are fully aware that our political fate is to roll the rock to the top of the shining city on a hill only to have it keep rolling back so that we can undertake the effort again and again. We must accept this life knowing that the only solutions are to accept this political reality and to move forward with faith in God and a love of self improvement. It's not the kill. It's the thrill of the chase that keeps me going.

The Sarah Palin chase is over, but no one can ever take away the thrill. We fought like banshees to defend her from the haters and the media. I actually thought we did a great job. But in the end, it was the abuse to her family and her desire to protect her family from any more abuse which was the thing that weighed her against running. I was wrong. The smear campaign did work. Sarah could have fought with us by her side, but in the end it wasn't Sarah she was concerned about. It was her kids.

Some day I hope that Sarah Palin comes back and destroys the mainstream mafia and the sick evil people that I can't stand living in the same country with. But I couldn't blame her if she just amassed a bunch of wealth and told everyone to go screw off.

I love my country. But like someone who has an addicted or troubled family member, there are times when you can't kill yourself for that person. You can love them. You can do what you can to help them. But you can't lose yourself to their disease. I cannot lose myself to the disease our country is afflicted with.

It's time to move forward and get on my with my life. Blogging and supporting conservative causes will always be in my blood. I will do it when I have the time. My time must be spent more wisely now. I made extra time to support Sarah Palin and the cause because it has always been a business decision.

I've always believed that I could be successful without her, but I also believed that the road to that success would be made right if I could live in a country where you earned based on your merit and you were not stopped by bureacratic roadblocks at every light, every tax form, every permit form, every legal ruling and every idiotic law that environmental whackos have enacted to raise the costs of everything and that crony lawyers have put into place to keep themselves fat at the trough of tort law.

Good luck everyone and may God be with you. There's a hard road ahead. We're on our own now.

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