Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sam the Cat Wants Sarah Palin to Run for President

This is my cat. He notices the snacks aren't coming as quickly as they used to. He sees a lot more people around the neighborhood ever since unemployment went up. He's too young to remember the shining city upon the bag of 9-Lives. He thinks Morris the cat is a crony capitalist, hawking a product that has been getting more expensive now that inflation is up.

Sam was never very politically active. He mainly hung out in the back yard with my neighbor's cat who is into handouts - eating out of the bowl of food I would put out when I was out during the day. Sam is beginning to feel the pinch, though. There's less food. There's not much partying going on (which results in less attention, snacks, etc). Sam's not going to take it anymore. He wants a new president.

Sam has been watching me blog. He sits on the dining room table meowing while I tell him to be quiet as I type. But, he's been trying to tell me something. He sees what I'm writing. He understands now why I don't pay attention to him when Sarah Palin is on Fox News. He understands now and he wants to get active.

My friend across the street and I came up with a great idea. We could paint "Palin 2012" on him and let him walk the neighborhood. It would kinda be like Organize4Palin while I was out trying to get my business going or looking for work. This way, I could still be active in the cause, yet not have it cut into my ability to survive financially.

So, Sam has joined the army. This has got to be better than just having a lawn sign. Maybe I could write "The media lies" on the other side of him.

This is just the beginning. Sam will be campaigning hard for our lady from the north when she announces. Tell Thomas S. Schmitz, I bet they don't have cats like Sam in California!

Besides, it's about time this cat started earning his keep.

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