Monday, October 10, 2011

A Fair and Balanced Assessment of Sarah Palin's Decision

During her speech at Liberty University in Virginia over the weekend, Sarah Palin spoke about mean emails that she had received from supporters who were upset over her decision not to run for president. It's understandable that the diverse group of people who have been behind her since as early as 2007 and 2008 would have such a diverse range of responses. As a holder of a B.A. in political science and years of intense interest in politics, this blogger can only try to look over the Palin saga of the last three years and come to some intellectually honest, fair and balanced conclusions as to what happened and what is happening.

I didn't join the Palin army for the warm fuzzies. I didn't join the Palin army because I wanted to be in a fan club or because I wanted to join a social group. I joined the Palin army because I thought she represented exactly what America needed at a time when it needed it most. I have my political biases. I'm a conservative Republican which makes me a partisan. But I also look at reality and the reality was that we were no longer a nation where Democrats and Republicans took turns sharing power while loving the same system.

As a political scientist, it has always been my assertion that our political system was great not just when conservatives won, but when the system breathed in such a way that it allowed Americans of all political persuasions to feel as if they had a stake in the game and where people across the spectrum felt as if they could always count on the American experiment to allow them the freedom to speak their opinions even if I thought they were wrong. This has changed.

Prior to 2008, there were far less people than now who were aware of The Shadow Party, the Alinsky radical movement and the goals of the New World Order and progressive movements. Without a leader like Palin to speak to the truth and without the Tea Party to pull forth the interest of voters to investigate more deeply, chances are we would be much further along in losing our republic and the basic tenets upon which it has stood for over 200 years than we are now.

Our movement has helped to slow the progression of socialism and systemic transformation. We saved the conservative movement from dying a quick and painful death following the 2008 election. But, the progressive and socialist movements continue to advance, even out in the open now, despite this.

When you see things like Fast and Furious, Solyndra and Occupy Wall Street literally playing out under our noses at a time when Obamacare is still the law of the land, you have to realize that they're not stopping because a bunch of people are holding Tea Party rallies or working toward electing Constitutional conservatives to office.

The American progressive movement can claim that they have achieved their first goal: to create a European style socialist-democracy in America. This for them is the stepping stone to collapsing our system and bringing about a new world order where the United States answers to a "democratically selected" world body that is run by socialists, environmentalists and those who believe the United States influence in the world has waned.

These people actually believe that we can live in a collectivist society which can be perpetually funded by the redistribution of wealth from the producers to the non-producers. They have not been able to convince partisans like me or even anyone with an objective viewpoint that the engine of redistribution can run perpetually based on the contributions of the wealthy. Margaret Thatcher put it best when she said that eventually you will run out of other people's money.

Yet, the progressives continue to blindly believe in a Utopia that is unsustainable. Even worse, they continue to create forms and functions to grow their movement so that they can capitalize on the emotions of the people to turn against the capitalist system and comply with its dismantling.

That, folks, is blind derangement.

It has been said that there are those who believe Palinistas have been so blinded by their emotions that they are likened to people blindly in love who will think nothing ill of their beloved. For some in the movement this may be true, but for far different reasons than those which blind the Utopians of the progressive movement. The emotions that drive Palinistas are derived in a deep seeded patriotism and love of country. Those who are my age or older can remember a time when those emotions were real and justified by the actions and successes of a man named Ronald Reagan. Just because it seems we can't have that again doesn't mean that we shouldn't have tried.

Rather than speak for other Palinistas, however, let me set aside this criticism and give it to you straight from where I sit. When America was at the brink of financial disaster as it looked down the silos of Soviet ICBMs, Ronald Reagan saved us. The props and the players are different today than it was then, but the dire nature of the situation is just as bad.

Sarah Palin represented a charismatic leadership which embodied our highest aspirations for our nation and she demonstrated by both her record in Alaska and by her articulation of the conservative philosophy that she had what was necessary to defeat our current enemies both within and abroad. She brought hope to a table that was about to collapse under the weight of socialism, big government and regulation. She has not walked away from that table, but she has chosen not to flip it and reset it the way it needs to be reset. She has said though that she will continue to help all of us flip that table. Together, we may be able to do it, but it will not happen as quickly and it will not be as effective if she was to get the title necessary to have access to that table.

She was our "Manchurian candidate" just as Obama's was theirs. Only she would be going in with a noble purpose and a transparent agenda to renew and restore America. We needed to beat the liberals at their own game. We created new media outlets to push our positions and opinions. We elected Tea Party candidates to the House of Representatives. We inspired bloggers and activists to challenge academia and the culture so that they no longer had a unilateral hold on American thought.

We were in the process of doing everything we needed to do to infiltrate the system and fix it. We learned that from the liberals who infiltrated academia, the media, government and Hollywood. We learned how the Rules for Radicals work. We realized, just as the characters on the "To Serve Man" episode of the Twilight Zone were being fooled by a promise of a false Utopia, that the Obama manifesto of hope and change was a cook book. Until our voices could be heard, millions of Americans, metaphorically speaking, walked into the spaceships and were carted off to become food for the aliens. These are the Obama voters who are now unemployed or who are having their homes foreclosed upon.

Now that you understand why I became a Palinsta, you need to understand why she is not going to save us right now. Some of us may feel as if we have wasted three years of our lives fighting for her. Others may feel that its still been worth it because they can understand and respect her decision. The range of emotions goes across the gamut.

We are hearing all kinds of opinions. She played us. She really was considering running. She resigned her governorship for the money. She resigned her governorship for the sake of the country. She gave in to the smear campaign. She is stronger than the smear campaign and she has another plan of attack. She's got skeletons in her closet. It's impossible she has any skeletons because she's the most vetted politician in history.

We can go back and forth on any number of these issues. But, the bottom line is this: Sarah Palin is not running for president. For whatever reason she has chosen not to run, it doesn't matter anymore. We are on our own. Not in the sense that she has abandoned us. She hasn't. She is still going to fight for the cause. But, we are on our own in a sense that we will not be able to elect a leader to do everything we know needs to be done. Therefore, we all must do it without a title and without regard for whatever happens and whoever ends up in the White House.

There is an organization of Palin supporters called The Earthquake. I am a member of that group. We want to draft Sarah Palin and get her to reconsider her decision. I know the political science textbook says she can't walk back or reverse her decision. I know leaders make decisions and stick to those decisions no matter what. I'm not trying to dispute the group or piss them off. Miracles can happen. But I want to be very realistic here.

The Earthquake movement reminds me of the day when I went to Belmont Park and lost all my money. The day was over. I had 2 dollars in my pocket and then was one more race. So I bet that last 2 bucks on a trifecta bet with very high odds. I wasn't expecting to hit that triple but I wasn't giving up on horse racing either. If it hit, it hit. If it didn't, I was already reconciled to the fact that my day was over.

This is not bitter dregs. I really enjoyed myself that day at Belmont Park. The memories I have of being there that day with my now late father are forever etched in my heart. Being a part of the Palin army has put me in touch with a lot of great people. I will always be part of this movement to take back America. I have great memories of it as well. My political life will always be on a path different from one that it would have taken had Sarah Palin never come to the forefront.

In the coming days, weeks, months and even years, the ramifications and the results of Palin's decision will be made clearer. People like Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck contribute greatly to the cause. In that vein, one would expect Sarah Palin to continue contributing greatly to the cause as well. 

Although I know I will not come home with the prize of a shining city on a hill the same way I knew I would not come home from Belmont Park that day with pockets full of money, I also know there are race cards run every day at tracks across America and there are political races run every year in November. Palin may or not be the horse the next time around. We will never have another Ronald Reagan. But, someday we will have another great one whether its Palin or someone else. I just hope to be alive to see it; and I hope there is still an America left for them to lead.

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