Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Most Ridiculous Items of the Day

Allow me to serve it up smorgasbord style rather than having to write several columns on numerous topics. To quote the late great Archie Bunker: “geez, Edith, the woild’s going to hell in a handbasket. We may want to call this one the from bailouts to pork bills to traitors and back edition.

The Irish Parliament just approved an 85 billion euro bailout from the European Union. What are they, California? This whole New World Order thing is starting to look like an international ponzi scheme. If we keep bailing each other out, who’s going to have the money to pay each other back?

The fiscal irresponsibility is happening not just overseas, but here at home as well. How did we allow what could have been a pretty good tax deal to deteriorate into another big government stimulus plan? How on Earth did we figure out how to take “it is hereby affirmed that the Bush tax cuts are extended for two years and the unemployment benefits are extended to 99 weeks” and turn that into nearly 2,000 pages? You need a Christmas tree twice the size of the one on the national mall just to hang all the earmark ornaments.

Isn’t it lovely that Michael Moore bailed out Julian Assange and then went on Countdown with Keith Olbermann to defend the accused sex offender and international intelligence terrorist. They talk about Assange like he is some whistleblower who is shedding light onto the dark secrets of our oh so morally bad foreign policy. Uh, guys. It’s called national defense.

But here’s the kicker. For decades, George Soros and the Michael Moore’s of the world have been working the underbelly of our institutions to implement the New World Order and to tear at the fabric of American sovereignty. This all goes on in secret of course. Private communications and clandestine tactics are not new to lefties like Soros and his paid minions who work diligently under the surface to undermine the American culture and its institutions.

(Read More About Soros tactics here: Soros Operation Comes After Ken Cuccinelli and Mark Levin )

These people are traitors. If we ever get our own version of a Wikileaker, it would be great if they could uncover “cables” or communications that show how millions of dollars in dirty left wing money goes to bloggers and companies that subliminally as well as openly continue to plant the seeds of New World Order progressivism into the minds of the unknowing. Oh how sweet it would be to uncover their dark little secrets and plaster them all over the New York Times.

And for those of you who think that Sarah Palin is not the best hope America has had since Ronald Reagan because you believe the media, keep thinking that way and they win. These scoundrels of international progressivism and American liberalism (and their complicit media) will never be stopped until we unite together and crush them. Do you think they are not united? They are so tightly knit that if they were a sweater, you’d need wire cutters to get it off.

And us? What are we doing? We’re bickering over whether Michael Steele should be the RNC chairman. We’re arguing over whether “she is qualified or not.” Let's hope we haven't spent the last two years attending tea parties and town halls just to turn it back over to the RINO GOP Establishment in 2012 because of party infighting and because we let the Left dictate the narrative.

Guys, get your act together. Stand tall and stand proud as conservatives.

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