Monday, February 22, 2010

Palinista's, I Understand. Now let's Coalition Build.

Since CPAC opened its conference last week, there was some discord within the conservative and Tea Party ranks, which included some Palin dissing, which I refered to in my post on Sarah's Web Brigade. On Sunday's "This Week," Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger also stepped out of line and did some GOP dissing over the Stimulus Bill. I'm not here to tell people to not have opinions. I'm just here to ask people to watch how we say things and to remember Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment about speaking ill of fellow Republicans, or in today's case, fellow conservatives and Tea Partiers.

There is nothing wrong with pointing out why Sarah Palin didn't attend CPAC or why people are questioning her for not going. There is nothing wrong with people questioning how Ron Paul won the straw poll or if Romney's people are the core of CPAC. Sarah Palin spoke at the Tea Party convention a couple of weeks ago and questions were raised. Questions were also raised whether libertarians or Romney-ites have co-opted CPAC. This is legitimate debate and discussion among friends - provided it doesn't turn into bashing or name calling. The speakers who spoke and the message that was delivered was still ours: limited government and strong national defense, just as Sarah Palin's message was to the Tea Party Convention.

Gov. Schwartzenegger, who dissed fellow Republicans, appeared on the same show as George Will, who on a different ocassion dissed Sarah Palin. These folks are a different story. RINOs and elitists are not part of the movement. So go at them all you want. But Romney, Pawlenty and Ron Paul and all their supporters are going to be needed come crunch time to take down Obama just as much as Palin, Gingrich and Huckabee and their supporters are going to be needed. It's not time to multiply by using division.

Is Palin the best candidate? Yes.

Does that mean we bash Romney and Paul? No, even if I'm not exactly happy that some of their supporters have been bashing Palin. Two wrongs don't make a right.

There are some very close allies in the Palin movement that I don't want to offend with this. I'm not coming down on anyone in particular. I just want to throw out a general broad brush. It's okay to have differences with other potential candidates. But let's not be afraid of them. Sarah Palin can beat them, straw poll or no straw poll, if we stay tight, we stay above the fray and we save our energy for defeating the liberals. Let's not fight the GOP 2012 primary, just yet.

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