Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Undefeated Breitbart: Steve Bannon Named Executive Chairman at Breitbart.com

Steve Bannon, the warrior who brought us "The Undefeated," has been appointed executive chairman at Breitbart.com. The film maker and conservative radio talk show host who has put his own time and money into fighting for bringing America back shows us how Andrew Breitbart's example and legacy will stand as the blue print for fighting the radical left in America.

"Laurence Solov, formerly president and chief operating officer, will take over the CEO role that Breitbart held," according to Politico. Dana Loesch, also a high level warrior in the effort to wrestle America from the hands of radical socialists and the wayward Obama presidency is managing editor at Big Journalism. Dan Riehl is another force to be reckoned with as he takes on Media Matters in this article.

Moving forward in the war to take on and eventually take back the culture and the media, Breitbart.com showcases a gutsy class of writers who are well known in the blogosphere by foot soldiers like me and others who continue to draw their rhetorical swords on blogs and Twitter. It's these generals and colonels in the movement who provide us and our followers with the information, the analysis and the strategy to point to as we make our points to those who want to agree with us - and even more so to those who don't.

Sticking it to the Left is not just about crafting the written word in such a way that it attracts readers. It's about outrageously defeating them at their own game. Their rhetoric, crafted in lies, is often dismissed by those who sit by and believe that the adults will ultimately control the room of our body politic. Yet, it's this same rhetoric that gets implanted into the minds of the busy people who have no time to delve underneath the surface of the pop culture to understand why it's rotting their brains while they watch the mainstream media give their purposely twisted accounts of current events.

Undoing 50 years of progressive infiltration into the media, the pop culture and the academia is a daunting task. Having to undo it in four years is even more daunting. Watching the Breitbart sites and its reporters turn the tables of the tactics on the Left the way they have in so short a period of time has to give hope to conservatives who must overcome their fears of getting their hands dirty in a blood sport that we must win at all costs lest our nation be destroyed.

Andrew Breitbart's untimely death may bring tears to the eyes and pain to the heart. But what Breitbart did was to set in motion a domino effect of journalistic and political efforts that will now spiral into something even greater than we can even imagine. Finally, after years of having the progressive movement boil the collective frog slowly, eat away at the woodwork of our political house like undetected termites and brainwash us into moral relativism through comedy and sarcasm, we've figured it out. Now that we know the animal that has been burrowing below the grass and eating away at our American roots, we can finally get in the tunnels, take it on and defeat it.

This is all thanks to Andrew Breitbart and the warriors who now fight on at Breitbart.com in his name and in the name of the American ideal. Duplicating yourself is a key to success in business. Multiplying yourself is a key to success in legacy. We are all Breitbart now. Let's go forth and finish the job.

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