Friday, March 23, 2012

Sarah Palin: The Choice of Republicans

Imagine if the desperate donors who flew to Trenton with bags of money to convince Chris Christie to run saw Palin as the savior of the Republican Party. Imagine if governors like Nikki Haley and Bob McDonnell were willing to risk their political necks to call Sarah Palin before her announcement not to run and pledge their support. Imagine if leaders, both elected and unelected, in the Republican establishment had the foresight to see Sarah Palin as our next great leader. Imagine if the doubters and the shaky in the Republican media threw caution to the wind and became as orgasmic as Ann Coulter is about Romney about Palin.

It reminds you of that song by Louis Armstrong, doesn't it?

Okay, snap out of it.

Back to reality.

Sarah Palin made the decision not to run based on personal reasons. We can respect that she doesn't want her family dragged through another round of nonsense in the media. We can respect the fact that she has multiple sources of good income as a result of her hard work and effort in life. We can even go out on a limb and respect the fact that maybe Sarah Palin just never felt the love from the GOP Establishment.

The latest PPP poll shows that Sarah Palin now has a 68% favorable rating. This is higher than the ratings enjoyed by the Republican primary candidates. When Palin was considering a run for president, her favorability ratings were in the 45% range. She had not yet fully recovered from the relentless smear campaign which lasted from her VP run in 2008 to the day she announced she wasn't going to run.

But once she said she wasn't going to run, the smoke cleared. It was no longer necessary for her detractors to manufacture lies and promote false doubts about her. Sure, "Game Change" just came out, but that project was financed and launched before she announced she wasn't running. They have to show it. There are contractual obligations.

With the people now getting a clearer view of Palin without the smoke machine to throw them off, her numbers are returning to what they were when she was first announced as the VP candidate in 2008. By the time she delivers her blockbuster speech at the 2012 GOP Convention in Tampa, she will be respected across the board. Following the speech, delegates and party leaders will be seen wandering the halls scratching their heads asking themselves why they didn't just get behind her early on and ride her to the top.

Like in 1976, when people were saying "we nominated the wrong guy," Republicans will take a second look at Sarah Palin and smack themselves in the heads.

This is not to disrespect her decision to not run. This is to disrespect the Republican establishment and the conservative media for it's shear stupidity in not seeing this a year ago. Had everyone known what many of us in the Palin camp were trying so hard to tell them, and had those who resisted it realized that they were sowing the seeds of their own party's demise, there could have been a Republican revolution and a Palin revolution to blow the doors off of the convention this summer and ultimately in the general election.

The GOP establishment and the trembling tigers who are too afraid to risk showing bold colors turn wimpily to the pale pastels - moderates dressed as conservatives who will quickly hit the reset button in time to run like a leopard who freaks toward the center for the general election. They think Tea Partiers, people like Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are extremists. Of course they are, when you compare them to Barack Obama.

The liberals are the extremists, you dopes. We're right. What conservatism stands for isn't some whacky right wing nut job agenda. It's about the Constitution. It's about liberty. It's about common sense!

If we could just get the Republican Party to understand what we really need to do to fix this country, we could win almost as big of a battle as the one we must win to defeat Obama.

Sarah Palin busted her tail for over 20 years in Alaska. She was a city councilwoman, a mayor, an oil and gas commissioner, a governor and ultimately a vice presidential candidate. She was nearly beaten to a pulp, left for dead by the time she gave her "If I die, I die," speech following her resignation as governor of Alaska. Then she came back. If what Sarah Palin has been through isn't vetting enough for the presidency of the United States, then I don't know what is.

If all the boneheads that refused to see Sarah Palin as the one, if all the boneheads that didn't support Newt Gingrich, if all the boneheads who didn't support Rick Santorum and these same boneheads who now support establishment candidate Mitt Romney would have just deemed it so that Sarah Palin was as inevitable as what they are trying to make us believe about their beloved Mitt, Sarah Palin could have and possibly would have been convinced to run.

The mistake of not running Palin is not hers. It is the Republican Party's mistake. They should have insisted she run. Those guys with the suitcases of money who went to Trenton, they should have went to Wasilla and brought the millions of us who have been supporting Palin since day one with them. It would have been something to see all of us standing on her front lawn chanting "run, Sarah, run."

If the party and the conservative media had any brains, we wouldn't be talking about Etch-a-Sketch candidates and brokered conventions. Instead, we would probably be singing "What a Wonderful World" in anticipation of what our nation would look like after a Palin presidency.

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