Saturday, January 21, 2012

Why We Need an Angry Voice to Take on Obama

Some have been criticizing Newt Gingrich for being a bomb thrower or for showing his anger at Mitt Romney's super-PAC running those ads against him in Iowa. When you look more deeply into the source of Newt Gingrich's anger, it goes far beyond just Mitt Romney. It goes to the state of our nation and to what Barack Obama has done to our country. When general election time comes around, we must consider whether we want a technically well spoken textbook politician or if we want someone who can go up there and be the voice for what we really think and feel.

America as we knew it is gone. When you look at the job numbers, the housing market (American homeowners continue to watch the values of their homes drop and a record number are going through foreclosures, short sales and modifications), what the financial companies have done with the bailout money, the type of indifferent customer service you get on the phone, the lack of capital in the system, inflation, high gas prices and the general apprehension you see in the eyes of the people you deal with everyday, reality hits and you know that all that we have come to expect as Americans is gone.

Top this off with the sheer outright stupidity of Obama's rejection of the Keystone pipeline, a regulatory environment that destroys businesses and stifles the growth of new businesses and the fact that only crony capitalists are capable of surviving in today's environment, there's no wonder that the anger and the hair pulling that goes on in the minds of those who have common sense and who adhere to traditional values of quality and accountability to the consumer as well as to business leaders who could be running their companies more effectively and efficiently if the mediocrity caused by the demotivating that comes from the regulation was not part of the equation.

Call it shrill. Call it undisciplined. Call it angry. But it is a reflection of how Americans feel. We are no longer content to stand by and let the idiots who are running our country continue taking us down the toilet. There is no reason to look down on or to describe as unacceptable the actions, words and feelings of a presidential candidate who clearly articulates what we are all feeling just because it might be harsh.

When Newt Gingrich lashes out at the media, it's a fist pump moment. This blogger has been pushing the notion for over three years that the path to Republican victory is to push the meme that the media lies. Defeat the media and you can take on Obama. When Newt Gingrich calls on Mitt Romney to explain Bain Capital or to release his tax returns, it's because we need to have our candidates vetted. The continuation of the primary process is an opportunity for the candidates and those of us who comment on them to keep the conservative dialogue front and center. Winning America back means saying it over and over again until it sinks it with enough people to make it happen.

This writer doesn't see anything wrong with what Romney did at Bain Capital. Nor does he see anything wrong with someone making a lot of money and paying the legal tax rate for that money. Romney's rich. That's not the issue. The issue is that he did it in an America that no longer exists. We need that America back.

My criticisms of Romney are that he is a flip flopper and that he is the one who started the whole negative campaigning thing to begin with. He can be mealy mouthed when he is in trouble. But, he has business experience, can handle a debate and is capable of of president. But do we want a textbook candidate this time around? I want someone who can flip the tables.

When people on our side criticize Gingrich by saying he'd be a bull in a China shop, I cringe at the thought that that bothers some of us. I want a bull to go through the China shop that is Washington. Americans are pissed. We should want our nominee to get on that debate stage with Obama and just rip him a new one. Newt can do that.

Gingrich is far from perfect. If I had my way, Sarah Palin would be our nominee and she would lead us back to that shining city on a hill. But reality is reality. We must face the fact that America is on its last legs. This is our last chance to wrestle it back from the hands of Obama and the progressive movement. We can always come back later and fix it. But lets get it back first.

If we don't, it's over. We can prepare to spend the next thousand years in darkness just as Ronald Reagan had said. Or, we can all work together to take back our country. If Romney gets the nomination, fine. But for now, Newt seems to be the best we have poll number wise and brain-wise. This is not about nominating a savior. It's about saving our country with what we have, even if it doesn't measure up to our standards. Nothing measures up to our standards anymore in America. Let's not kid ourselves.

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