Monday, January 25, 2016

Some Conservatives Will Get Over it About Trump

Trump is succeeding because of his strategy. Some ideological conservatives are missing the point. It's about winning, not purism. You want your purism? Take the country back first, and understand why we lost it in the first place.

The media killed us in 2008. Trump is beating the media (that's why Palin jumped on board). The pop culture beat us in 2008, Trump and a lot of supporters are from the pop culture.

The GOP Establishment wouldn't get on board with Kemp or Palin. They let Quayle get Palinized (an advisor handed him index card spelling potato with an e and no one fought back from our side). Now the Establishment smells their demise because Trump is so strong, and they may be jumping on (after bashing him like they did Reagan in 1980) like they did in 1984 when they realized that Reagan was their meal ticket.

They forgot that when nominating Dole, McCain and Romney that the grass roots of the party was more Quayle, Kemp and Palin (and don't forget Steve Forbes either). 

Trump is not Ronald Reagan because there will never be another Reagan, but Trump has tapped into the same coalition of voters. Lesson to the GOP Establishment, listen to the voters. Give us what we want, not what you want. Political parties exist to win elections, not to force the party's elites' wants down our throats.

God bless Andrew Breitbart and rest his soul. He told us to read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals and to learn and understand their tactics if we want to understand why we lost and Obama won. He encouraged us to use their tactics against them. What happenned next was the million plus turnout for the Tea Party protest in DC.

Some may not think Trump is ideologically pure. But he is the battering ram we need to take back the Shining City on a Hill. And he knows how to run things, unlike the Democrats and congressional Repulicans. When Trump wins and makes America great again, conservatives that don't like him will get over it. They will find the political landscape friendlier than it ever was for our ideas.

With a defeated media and a Democrat party in disarray, Rich Lowry and his friends will realize that the only thing left for us to take over once we complete our takeover of the pop culture is to take over the academia. That's where his folks over at National Review can get back to the Bill Buckley school of educating America on conservatism. They will come around and realize their hit on Trump was poorly done.

I'm a conservative. I'm voting for Trump. I know our movement will only grow stronger once we've broken free from the shackels of political correctness and the media's ability to tell us to sit down and shut up.

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