Thursday, June 29, 2017

How We Went From Sarah Palin to Donald Trump

and why Sarah Palin is the reason we are here

Prior to the 2008 election and going back way before Reagan, the liberal media controlled the narrative. President George W Bush and Republican strategists took the approach that the American people would not buy into the media narrative. But, they did. In 2008, Barack Obama was elected president because of what John Ziegler called media malpractice.

When Sarah Palin was nominated to be the 2008 VP candidate, the media and the Obama campaign went into panic mode. The groundswell of forgotten people, the silent majority, coming out in full throated chants of "Sarah, Sarah" was the reaction from millions of Americans who found their voice in her. Then the media onslaught ensued.

The false stories started pouring out of Alaska about her pregnancy with Trig, the rape kits that she supposedly denied victims and how she said she could see Russia from her house. We all know how the media embarked on a campaign to destroy her all the way through her governorship.

There was no anti media fire back then. She had no cover.

Since then, conservative media has grown in leaps and bounds. Those who shared the blogosphere with this writer went on to become great warriors and suddenly the Palin army was on the move.

Palin went on to lead Tea Party rallies and made another breakthrough by explaining crony capitalism in her speeches and on social media. It was her extension of her go along to get along meme in many of her prior speeches.

She was never in the position to take on a vicious media. Swept out of Alaska and into what turned out to be an inept John McCain presidential campaign run by Steve Schmidt, she was thrust into the national spotlight only to be left undefended by a campaign not ready to fight.

Fast forward to a restaurant in New York where she and Donald Trump met for a slice of pizza. From that day forward, the game was on. She had led her high school basketball team not as their star, but as the most important position player in the game. She did it again.

Trump announced his candidacy and Palin was on board. No money exchanged hands. No political deal was struck. Sarah Palin had drawn the silent majority out of exile and rallied them around the shining city on a hill that had been turned into a second class urban decay zone by President Barack Obama.

When Sarah Palin said on Facebook the day after she resigned her governorship that she didn't have to be the lead, she may have never realized, nor did her supporters, that when she said she could still be an agent for change that this is how it would go down.

That silent majority that Palin roused from their doldrums became the Trump movement. And when it came time to take back that now dulling city on a hill and make it shine again, the monster that Palin had created needed a bullwark. Sarah needed a big guy with a canon directed at the media and the establishment.

And with one slice of pizza, she knew that we were standing in front of the door to the city. She knew that door needed to be busted down so that we could all get back in and make that city great again.

The only way to take that city back would be to first defeat 16 rivals in the Republican party. Though all good men and women, no one had the strategy. Defeat the media. Be fearless against liberalism. Tell the truth, no matter how politically incorrect it may be. We were outsiders. The only one who could lead us would have to be an outsider.

Palin taught us that by her example and by her words. She inspired a movement that led to us electing the most unconventional candidate of our time. What made Palin supporters Palin supporters is that which made us Trump supporters.

The draft of this post has been sitting here waiting for me to finish it. But before I went back to complete it, I saw my friend Tony Lee at Breitbart had already done a better job of explaining it than I did.

He saved me a lot of writing. Read this gem, which was also tweeted by Sarah Palin herself, and you will know why we really took our country back.

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