Monday, March 15, 2010

Stand Up and Shout!

It's like broken glass, you get cut before you see it. So open up yours eyes.

Health care reform is coming to a vote this week. Should it pass, the process of undoing it via repeal and challenging its consitutionality will tie us up for years to come. This will handcuff our nation at a time when it needs to be focused on creating jobs (using all energy sectors to prime the pump), correcting an outdated and burdensome tax structure (cutting taxes that stifle economic growth) and bringing back the sense of pride we once had about being Americans (stop apologizing and lift America's spirit).

We are in the economic and social rut that we are in because we have failed to focus on the main issues facing this nation. Instead, our leaders want to put us on a course toward bigger government and greater control over an economy that can only function properly with less government intrusion and more free enterprise.

Government gives us over 2,000 pages of health care "solutions" and a president who has spoken lectured ad nauseum on the subject. He has wasted over a year of our lives as we researched, scored and opposed this big government monstrosity. Is this leadership? How is it that the so called "greatest minds" in our nation have volumes written about what needs to be done to "fundamentally transform" our nation, and the solutions are as simple as several words written on Sarah Palin's hand?

Energy Independence
Tax Cuts
Lift America's Spirits

Sarah Palin asks us to take action via Facebook:
Please take the time to get involved in the debate this week. There are many grassroots efforts under way. There will be a march on Washington on Tuesday, March 16th (see here for details). Rep. Michele Bachmann has a “Kill the Bill” online petition that you can sign here. Most importantly, contact members of Congress and offer your support if they do the right thing.
In other words: stand up and shout!

For more disturbing information regarding the health care bill, read here.

UPDATE: Michele The Awesome fires up the opposition to Obamacare:

UPDATE 2: Sarah The Great Rips Congress on Health Care Bill

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