Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Goose and the Gander Have a Bad Day

A Bernie supporter shoots a Republican congressman at a baseball practice. Maxine Waters and Eric Holder say to get in people's faces and go low. Hillary Clinton says its okay not to be civil. Republicans are harrassed in restaurants and Susan Collins receives death threats for voting for Kavanaugh.

Crickets from the left wing media and grass roots Democrats.

A what we can only assume to be a right wing extremist nut job sends bombs to prominent liberals and a left leaning news organization.

And everyone on the left blames Trump, who appropriately condemned the acts of the would be bomber.

There is no excuse and no justification for what this sick individual or group has done.

The devil is an evil infiltrator of weak negative minds who want to harass people, threaten people or attempt to kill people. Understand that all of this behavior is unacceptable. This standard must be applied to both sides.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Truth About Benghazi

After the military operation in Libya to kill Khadaffi, the state department brokered a deal between Libyan rebels to sell their no longer needed weapons to the Syrian rebels which were being backed by President Obama.

Ambassador Stevens and the others killed in the Benghazi attack knew about the arms deal. It was top secret, and Congress was never told about it.

Facts are somewhat sketchy as to what triggered the attack because those secrets may have died with those who were killed. But it has been proven that it had nothing to do about anger over a Mohammed video.

In piecing together the puzzle, my research at the time led me to first understand that Obama drew no distinction between true freedom fighters in both Libya and Syria and al Quaida and Isis allies who were on their side to help oust Khaddafi and Asad of Syria. In fact, there was no vetting process to determine which factions were legit and which were al Qaeda and ISIS.

Obama armed the Lybian rebels and assisted them with military strikes against Libyan forces so that they could complete the mission of having Khaddafi killed.

After the mission was complete, those in charge in the state department to carry out Obama's policy of supporting the Syrian rebels assisted the Lybian rebels in arranging an arms sale to the Syrian rebels.

There was growing concern in the United States that any arms sent even legitimately and above board to the Syrian rebels could fall into the hands of ISIS which now had a strong presence in Syria.

Much like what happened in Iran-Contra, because the president was getting much pushback on arming the rebels legitimately, his "Oliver North" people went with the secret gun running operation.

The difference between Iran-Contra and Benghazi-gate, however is that Reagan never actually knew about the deal whearas Obama did. Also, no one died in Iran-Contra and those involved eventually told the story.

Benghazi-gate is Iran-Contra on super steroids and is thousands of times worse (people died, the president and secretary of state knew and we were arming al Qaida and ISIS, our enemies!)

After ruling out all other possibilities, the only smoke I could find was when al Quaida in Libya became concerned that the deal would go bad because there was talk back at the State department that the deal might be too risky.

It can only be deducted that al Qaida either perceived they were getting shafted in the deal or something actually went down in the embassy that would actually have caused them to get shafted in the deal.

Either way, it doesn't matter. The light answer is that Obama didn't want to have to own a terror attack on our embassy and had it covered up. The heavy answer is that it was an arms deal gone bad. Either way, the killing of our people and the ensuing cover-up was an outrage.

The email from Hillary Clinton to Chelsea Clinton clearly shows proof that it was a terror attack. But it was even more than that. Something triggered al Qaida to attack. The motive was beyond terrorism, it was anger and revenge.

During the attack, an order to stand down was issued to our military who could've possibly saved those lives if they were allowed to engage. It can't be proven who gave the order because everyone was sworn to secrecy,

However, had those four lived, they would've been compelled to testify under oath to Congress and spill the beans on the whole operation. It would have destroyed the Obama presidency and cost him the 2012 election. Thus the stand down order. Thus the allowance of the death of those 4 people.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

How We Went From Sarah Palin to Donald Trump

and why Sarah Palin is the reason we are here

Prior to the 2008 election and going back way before Reagan, the liberal media controlled the narrative. President George W Bush and Republican strategists took the approach that the American people would not buy into the media narrative. But, they did. In 2008, Barack Obama was elected president because of what John Ziegler called media malpractice.

When Sarah Palin was nominated to be the 2008 VP candidate, the media and the Obama campaign went into panic mode. The groundswell of forgotten people, the silent majority, coming out in full throated chants of "Sarah, Sarah" was the reaction from millions of Americans who found their voice in her. Then the media onslaught ensued.

The false stories started pouring out of Alaska about her pregnancy with Trig, the rape kits that she supposedly denied victims and how she said she could see Russia from her house. We all know how the media embarked on a campaign to destroy her all the way through her governorship.

There was no anti media fire back then. She had no cover.

Since then, conservative media has grown in leaps and bounds. Those who shared the blogosphere with this writer went on to become great warriors and suddenly the Palin army was on the move.

Palin went on to lead Tea Party rallies and made another breakthrough by explaining crony capitalism in her speeches and on social media. It was her extension of her go along to get along meme in many of her prior speeches.

She was never in the position to take on a vicious media. Swept out of Alaska and into what turned out to be an inept John McCain presidential campaign run by Steve Schmidt, she was thrust into the national spotlight only to be left undefended by a campaign not ready to fight.

Fast forward to a restaurant in New York where she and Donald Trump met for a slice of pizza. From that day forward, the game was on. She had led her high school basketball team not as their star, but as the most important position player in the game. She did it again.

Trump announced his candidacy and Palin was on board. No money exchanged hands. No political deal was struck. Sarah Palin had drawn the silent majority out of exile and rallied them around the shining city on a hill that had been turned into a second class urban decay zone by President Barack Obama.

When Sarah Palin said on Facebook the day after she resigned her governorship that she didn't have to be the lead, she may have never realized, nor did her supporters, that when she said she could still be an agent for change that this is how it would go down.

That silent majority that Palin roused from their doldrums became the Trump movement. And when it came time to take back that now dulling city on a hill and make it shine again, the monster that Palin had created needed a bullwark. Sarah needed a big guy with a canon directed at the media and the establishment.

And with one slice of pizza, she knew that we were standing in front of the door to the city. She knew that door needed to be busted down so that we could all get back in and make that city great again.

The only way to take that city back would be to first defeat 16 rivals in the Republican party. Though all good men and women, no one had the strategy. Defeat the media. Be fearless against liberalism. Tell the truth, no matter how politically incorrect it may be. We were outsiders. The only one who could lead us would have to be an outsider.

Palin taught us that by her example and by her words. She inspired a movement that led to us electing the most unconventional candidate of our time. What made Palin supporters Palin supporters is that which made us Trump supporters.

The draft of this post has been sitting here waiting for me to finish it. But before I went back to complete it, I saw my friend Tony Lee at Breitbart had already done a better job of explaining it than I did.

He saved me a lot of writing. Read this gem, which was also tweeted by Sarah Palin herself, and you will know why we really took our country back.

Click on this:
9 Ways Sarah Palin was a Trailblazer for Donald Trump.

When you're done with that, read about the impact Sarah Palin had on Andrew Breitbart and Steve Bannon and how that also led us to a Trump presidency.

How Steve Bannon Met Andrew Breitbart, Then Put Conservatives on Path to Destroy Hillary Clinton Once and for All

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Okay Liberals, Let the Game Continue!

When US intelligence agencies illegally record a conversation between General Flynn and the Russian ambassador then leak that to the press to advance a leftist agenda to destroy the Trump administration, that's a bigger violation than discussing dismissing Russian diplomats prior to inauguration.

That information should have been classified and immediately brought to the president and vice president in private. Then the VP (not Reince Priebus) could have recommended that Flynn step down later.

Obama is creating a shadow government within our government. There are still many bureaucrats in there that are in on it.

If anything, we need to find the source of the leaks and Trump needs to start firing people within the intelligence community and the general bureucracy.

The CIA, the FBI and the federal bureaucracy is not happy that they are no longer running the country. Trump is an existential threat to the "real government" and they don't like it.

And the media is running the front line war. They are the opposition party.

This is not kool aid drinking. This is reality. If liberals can step back and get off the non-existent yoga rugs that were never actually in Hillary emails that she bleach bitted, then maybe we can start looking at the realities of the situation.

So when Hillary does underhanded stuff, we need to rely on Wikileaks to hack the information? When Flynn has a conversation, its okay for American intelligence agencies to record and leak the information?

In a sense, the liberals are taking a page out of our playbook which we stole from their playbook. So kudos. But their hypocrisy is so glaringly obvious when liberals accuse conservatives of doing the same thing they were doing.

These are the new rules of politics. If anything, Saul Alinsky taught us a lot. Republicans must continue to fight using his strategy. Saul Alinsky is to politics what the strategist in football who invented the forward pass is. Once the opponents started using it, the games got good.

Alinsky tactics work no matter which side of the aisle you are on. Donald Trump taught the GOP to take on the media bias. It's up to to Republicans to learn and move the ball forward. May the games continue.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The City Starts to Shine Again

After a long eight years of anguish and despair. "the carnage" comes to an end. With the replacement of the crimson drapes in the oval office with gold ones, the cleaning and the buffing begins. America is starting to become that shining city on a hill again.

The Tea Party movement and the conservative movement can take heart in the fact that no one in their camps ever killed a cop, burned an American flag, lit a car on fire or looted a store. We may have done a little fighting amongst ourselves in blogs and on social media, but even the remaining #nevertrump folks on our side don't need therapy dogs or safe spaces.

As the city begins to shine again, we are optimistic that the "hood like" nature of Obama's America with murders in Chicago, police being killed and the long welfare and food stamp lines will give way to rule of law and economic prosperity while many leave the welfare lines to go to work at the newly created jobs that are on the way.

This is not a racist analysis. This is a mathematical one. African Americans have long been kept on the government dole in order to keep them voting for the Democrats. With a blazing economy, many will be going from the hood to the crib on their own dime earned in a booming Trump economy. Casting a ballot for them will no longer be a vote to take what others earn, but to keep what they earn.

The city will shine for all races regardless of their ideological or sexual orientation. The only thing that can hold back identity politics oriented individuals will be themselves.

Throwing tantrums, whining and complaining or protesting without a legitimate grievance will make whatever identity or splinter group you say you are part of look silly and less credible. The rest of us grown ups will be Americans regardless of what we do in our bedrooms or bathrooms because there is no room in the public square to impose one life style or belief system over another.

Patriotism will trump prejudice, as our President said. We are all Americans first.

I'm willing to keep my lifestyle out of your face if you're willing to keep your lifestyle out of mine. But if you want to go make some money together, work together or help people together, sign me up.

Let's keep the garbage out of legislation and let's go live freely. Our magic is not in how we can regulate each other, our magic is in our hearts. No healthcare mandate or EPA regulation can make us better. If one is not living by the golden rule then that's on them. It's not on us.

We can make and live by our own decisions. We don't need government to do that for us. We have been given a great responsibility by having been blessed with freedom. Give up responsibility, give up freedom.

The power is being returned to the people. If we can handle it, just watch this city shine again.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Proved I've Been Right All Along

The late Andrew Breitbart inspired this writer to work up a strategy for how the Republican party could win again after McCain lost in 2008. That heartbreaking loss caused this blogger to dig deep into his knowledge of political theory and to heavily research not only the cause of the loss, but what the cure could be. I developed an intense love and interest in political science while in college during the Reagan years and ended up getting a B.A. in it. But the real learning came in the last 8 years of misery endured under a feckless Obama administration while researching and writing about the strategy necessary to take our country back. The theory that came out of that was basically to beat them at their own game. Donald Trump ultimately proved this theory right.

When Sarah Palin hit the scene, she opened the door into the modern Republican party for the conservative, Reagan wing of the party that had been slowly shut out since the nineties by the party establishment. She articulated the true philosophy that going along to get along does not work. Andrew Breitbart, once a liberal insider knew why and how the Democrats kept winning despite the fact that we are a center right county. He opened my eyes to their strategy of brainwashing and personal destruction.

Republicans for years had been playing by an old stale playbook. The strategy of moving to the center and campaigning with civil discourse underpinned by a mistaken assumption that all political players on both sides in the game were driven by good intentions wasn't working. The left was using Saul Alinsky tactics and infiltrating the most powerful institutions in our country to obtain and maintain control while Republicans went home after every election only to come back for the next one to once again scratch their heads wondering why they lost again.

Meanwhile, the media was controlling the thought processes of millions of Americans, and the Republican establishment and their strategists just kept on insisting that we need to moderate in order to win. In other words, give in and become more liberal. That was the wrong answer. The best strategy was right in front of the Republican's eyes. It was already invented... by Democrats.

The first football team to use the forward pass could only keep winning until their opponents realized that they, too, would have to use the forward pass.

Republican strategists have cost us countless elections because they didn't know what they were doing. They thought we had pneumonia, and were treating it with anti-biotics when in fact we had cancer and needed chemotherapy.

The left was winning because they were infiltrating and controlling the media, the pop culture and the academia. The only way to stop them was to beat them at their own game. People might say you can't wrestle with a pig because you both come out dirty. What if the pig has already dragged you into the mud?! They have such a good play book, why waste it by letting them use it against us while we run Steve Schmidt style presidential campaigns? Donald Trump proved me right. It's the strategy, stupid.

The Breitbart website and to some extent Fox News proved that we on the right can also use the media to get our thoughts into the minds of Americans. The only difference between us using the strategy and them using the strategy is we have truth on our side. So why not use it?

By educating the people about how corrupt and biased the media is, our movement did so much to take back our country. We still need to do more work in academia. We are producing more brain dead millennials who come out of institutions of higher indoctrination than ever before. But we'll eventually find a way to get more conservative theory taught in colleges. We are, however, making slow gains in the pop culture. We have Tim Tebow. We have Tom Brady, Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood. We also have used memes and videos on You Tube and social media to to get our points across while effectively trashing people like Madonna, Beyonce and Jay Z,

But the real killer is that we just elected a pop culture icon as president. Bam. Mic drop!

While some in our own party resisted, we true patriots managed to pull it together and keep it together in amazing fashion. The Israelites had Moses while they wandered the desert shut out of their shining city of Jerusalem until they finally got back it. We didn't have a Moses while we wandered our desert. We had some loud mouthed billionaire that some people thought was a monster. But when the time came to take a battering ram and bust down the door to the shining city on a hill, we needed a monster.

Trump has smashed that door down and now we are all pouring back into the shining city on a hill. We have our country back. Tears of great joy should be shed at this massive accomplishment. I told the never Trumpers just let him do it and everyone would be okay.

Republicans could never win unless we first took the party back. Take the party back then take the country back. What did Trump do? He took the party back for us first and finished the job by taking the country back for us. Strategy well executed.

We who embraced Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and the anti-establishment movement can pat ourselves on the back because we knew that regardless of what people would think of our leader, this was our only way back in. Ultimately, Donald Trump took on the media for us. Like Mike Pence said, sometimes it felt like the contest was two on one. Trump also took on the establishment of both parties for us, and he proved you didn't need instruments or entertainers to pack large venues. Isn't this what we have been trying to do all along for the last eight years?

So the theory worked. We beat the media. Despite their unwillingness to cover Wikileaks, the Clinton sex scandals, the emails, the Clinton foundation and Benghazi, Trump broke through that wall like the kool aid guy and everyone knew about all of that despite the mass media's attempts to tell us there's nothing to see there. Step one to taking back the city, get people to know the media lies.

We beat the pop culture. Jay Z, Beyonce, Bruce and Miley couldn't put it back together again.

We beat the go along to get along concept. While the Republican establishment was wetting themselves over Trump's straight forward style that they thought would turn off moderates and minorities, regular folks weren't looking at what ideology or color they were. They were looking at making sure our country didn't go down the tubes. And boy, were we close to losing this great Republic. I mean, we were really really close.

The Reagan theory of no pale pastels was also proven right once again. Articulate the philosophy proudly. Conservatism is and will always be the best political philosophy to follow while running our nation. We are not racists or bigots. We are Americans.

Conservative ideas won. Immigration, tax reform, the second amendment, the protection of the unborn and repealing Obamacare were the staple of Trump's message. We retained both houses of Congress and will be able to appoint good justices to the Supreme Court. Mealy mouthed moderates who were saying Trump couldn't beat her but Romney could can sit down now. We can be thankful that our message and our beliefs based in the God given natural laws of truth will ultimately win out.

We beat the go along to get alongs. Yeah, Trump was sometimes brash and harsher than many would have liked him to be. But for decades liberal surrogates have been worse. We used the same strategy, only it made people nervous because our front man was using it. Even liberals never had their front man do the dirty work. So, for those Republicans who think we need to be more moderate or change our beliefs so we can tell people what the establishment thinks they want to hear, take this election as proof positive that way doesn't work. It didn't when Reagan won, and it didn't when Trump won.

There was no other way to do this.

Read more:

Taking Back the Shining City
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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Do Not Vote Until You Watch This!

I was going to write a lengthy post to explain why Trump should be president, but this says it all.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Taking Back the Shining City

We're on Our Way

After the 2008 election, we watched Sarah Palin shed a tear as John McCain gave his concession speech. What went wrong? Relying on old school strategy, public funds and a traditional establishment strategy, the Republican party got its ass kicked. A change in strategy was necessary. As a movement, those who wanted it that badly have found its voice and battering ram.

When Dr. Ben Carson speaks and writes, you will understand. When you read what the late great Andrew Breitbart wrote and said, you will understand. When you listen to what Governor Sarah Palin has said, you will understand. Allow me to twist James Carville's words: it's the strategy, stupid.

We've reverse Alinsky-ized them. Ridicule Black Lives matter. Ridicule an email deleting political hack. Ridicule the GOP establishment. Take to social media to post blazing poignant memes portraying Obama as a terrorist sympathizer and Hillary Clinton wearing prison clothes. Brilliant!

That's how you take it back!

The Republican party has never, until now, recognized the reason why they lose all the time. Yes, we know entrenched establishment politics and the go along to get along strategy was their greatest weakness. But, the real reason they lost so much is they never (until now) recognized that the Democrats were using a different playbook. Their plays worked.

The Democrats used Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" the way football coaches used their playbooks. They control the media, the pop culture and academia. They eliminate God from the discussion for the sole purpose of removing truth from the equation. Insert God and the truth, use their playbook and we win.

We get that now, finally.

The Palin movement melded into the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement melded into the pro-Constitution "We the People movement" which spun off our most cynical members. They went with Ted Cruz, who bet his personal political ambitions on the loss of his party's best chance of winning the presidency. But the bulk of us are still here to finish this thing off.

The victory we await requires strong hearts and strong stomachs. We have wanted this for 8 years. Now we stand outside the city, armed to the teeth with an anti-media pop culture icon candidate with conservative kids who have been through the halls of academia.

How are we doing so far?

If you want a field general to take back the Shining City on a Hill, you need a guy who can kick the crap out of the media, lead pop culture and show America how academia won't destroy the minds of children that are brought up with the right upbringing.

I would hope that Andrew Breitbart is smiling down from heaven seeing how far we've come. If you're going to take back America, first you have to take back the Republican party. We've done that.

Now, the business at hand is to rhetorically blundgeon Hillary Clinton so bad that she lays on the metaphorical pavement with the political blood coming out of her party's head.

There will be no shutting down Palin from using the words "palling around with terrorists." Steve Schmidt is gone. There will be no Romney wussying out on Benghazi. He's a washed up has been that was never there. There will be fire and brimstone against the media and against Hillary. We finally have someone that can do this.

The movement is the American people. They chose one of their own, a private citizen, over 17 talented politicians because they know that politicians are all talk and no action.
Perfect or not, Donald Trump is the battering ram that we know can not only bust through the door of a city on a hill that has lost his shine. He will allow us to restore its luster.

We didn't need the most polished, perfect guy in the world. We needed a winner. We have one now.

Because he is beating them at their own game, we will win. We've waited long enough. The time has come. Let the naysayers jump off the bandwagon when we're this close. We can win win without them. The rest of us are going in and we're taking back the city and we're going to make it shine on that hill again!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why I'm Voting For Trump

I will be voting for Trump because I believe he believes in conservative solutions. Some may say he's not a true conservative, but an intelligent businessman knows to deal in reality when solving real problems. As such, Trump will do the conservative things not because he's an ideologue but because he is smart enough to know that true solutions work.

When establishment Republicans continue to attack Trump for telling it like it is, it tells me they don't know how to win. The GOP has been loosing because it keeps pushing milquetoast candidates like Mitt Romney. Conservatives sucked it up and voted for him.

We have a winner in Trump. He'll run it like a business and take no guff from our adversaries. He will repeal and replace Obamacare. He will kick the hell out of ISIS. He'll be strong on immigration. He's pro-life and pro second amendment. He's our only shot at getting conservative Supreme Court justices.

What else does the GOP want in their candidate, and why are even some conservatives carping? Backing Trump means we take it back. What's the worst thing that can happen? We take it back and figure it out later.

For the naysayers and worrywarts, while I believe Trump can do it, if he can't we will still be heading in a better direction than under Hillary.

Vote wisely.

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