Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sarah Palin on Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Sarah Palin on Jay Leno

It willl be interesting to see the ratings. Sometimes it has more to do with the host than it does the guest. While Letterman let Romney go on and on about politics, Leno gave Palin a more wide open forum.

Romney stuck up for Sarah. He told Letterman he better lay off of her, she's got a rifle. This morning on "Morning Zoo" with Joe Scarborough, Romney didn't take the bait and instead told the kids that Palin is qualified to be president.

Now this is what I call a Republican party! Unity of message, no badmouthing each other and a concentrated effort to destroy liberalism. Looks like the "grown ups" are ready to lead again.

Sarah Palin killed on Leno last night. I'm still laughing from when she said was going to do her monologue without cue cards because she knew the segment "like the front of my hand." Call an ambulance, I can't breathe. rotflmao

UPDATE: The numbers are in. Jay Leno kicked David Letterman's ass!

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