Friday, March 26, 2010

John McCain is A Hero

We cannot be pure ideologues on everything we do. Don't take this out on Sarah Palin. Politics is human and sometimes requires pragmatic choices like not stabbing the guy who made you who you are in the back.

I know the Tea Partiers are going crazy because Sarah Palin is supporting John McCain for re-election to the Senate. I know John McCain has not sided with conservatives 100 % of the time. He messed up with his initial position on immigration reform. He screwed up when he pushed through McCain-Feingold, a law that would eventually be ruled unconstitutional. But, John McCain has also done some good things, especially since the 2008 campaign. To understand why John McCain is a hero and why he should be re-elected lies in one's ability to understand the whole and not just the sum of some bad parts that some wish to focus on.

John McCain supported Ronald Reagan. John McCain was a Reaganite through the 1980's. He also assisted in the 1990's with getting conservative things done while Clinton was president. Yes, John McCain moderated in the 1990's and 2000's. Yes he didn't always vote our way. But on the big stuff, he was there. John McCain had some issues with George W. Bush. McCain's initial position on tax cuts and some of the legislation that he worked on with Ted Kennedy is absolutely not the highlight of McCain's career.

But John McCain is fighting like a dog now against Obama. He has come to understand that there can be no bi-partisanship in a Congress that is as corrupt as the one we have now. John McCain may not always water the right tree, but he understands the forest. He gets the deal. And lately, he's been watering a lot of the right trees.

He is a hero because of his service to our country during the Vietnam War. I understand that while this alone does not qualify someone for re-election, it is an important component of who John McCain is as a great American and a patriot. He is a hero for supporting the Reagan revolution from before he became a senator until the day Reagan left office. He is a hero for showing us that people make mistakes in life and can fix those mistakes both in his personal life as well as his professional life. In a conservative, merit based society, those who do good things should not be punished.

Tea Partiers, I am one of you. I support the movement. I go to Tea Parties. I want to take the country back with you. Those of you in Arizona, vote your conscience. Let's agree to disagree on this one and move on toward the final goal: taking America back. Just understand why Sarah Palin is backing him and why I believe she is doing the right thing.

John McCain did not always do what we conservatives wanted him to do. But he was in our "political" army when Reagan was running, and he helped. He was in our real army when America was trying to defeat communism, and he helped. Oh, and he did a little something else that a lot of us may have forgotten: he gave us Sarah Palin.

That alone may have saved our country.

John McCain is a hero.

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