Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How Liberals and GOP Insiders Made Me Endorse Christine O'Donnell

I think I started following Christine O'Donnell a few weeks ago on Twitter because someone tweeted me asking me to follow her. So I did. I wasn't really thinking about getting too heavily involved in her race because I was so wrapped up in Joe Miller's race that I was only keeping up with the other candidates by retweeting other like-minded conservatives who were supporting them. But yesterday the "smear-o-meter" went off like crazy. I thought to myself, what is Sarah Palin up in Delaware today?

Here in my blog batcave, I went over to the screen to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently, the liberals and the political establishment were going into convulsions after the Tea Party Express endorsed Christine O'Donnell for the Senate primary in Delaware. I checked out this article on Yahoo. Holy smear campaign Batman! Even the Republican Party is in on it!

Stacy McCain (who just ran up the score in street cred by getting an interview with Todd Palin following the Miller win) also provided some compelling evidence that made my blood boil about the insider Republican Party establishment in Delaware. My first reaction of course is to equate smear with fear. Then rule of thumb number 2 comes into play. Whenever Republicans become as despicable as Democrats, look for the RINO.

When I followed the RINO dung, it led my right to Mike Castle whose whopping 52% ACU rating, according to Cubachi, made me wonder if my silence would be mistaken as support for a caviar club Republicans with knife in the back cronies whose elitist ideas of free market capitalism and small government include any manipulation of the system for personal gain and power that isn't socialism. Pass the Grey Poupon. Oh, that Christine O'Donnell is such a commoner.

I had already heard and read some of the great things that Mark Levin was saying and writing about her. I had already watched a really great interview conducted by Melissa Clouthier. One by one, all the people I listen to, read and have regard for were supporting O'Donnell. As of this writing, the Twittersphere was beginning to rumble with word that even Rush Limbaugh was now standing up for O'Donnell.

Which means I have to hurry now. I have a rule. I form an opinion first and then listen to Rush. It's my way of being intellectually honest. Liberals accuse me of being a Rush kool aid drinker. Hey, libbies, he agrees with me 98.6% of the time, not the other way around, okay? I decided Palin was great before I listened to Rush the day she was announced.

I admit, I've been waiting for an official Palin endorsement. But I left it open until today where I figured Palin or no Palin, my love for a classic grass roots conservative candidate versus the sludgy wing of the GOP a la Alaska's primary would win out and require that I endorse. It looks like a fun race, too - a possible repeat of Miller and Murkowski, real conservative Republican outsider versus fake conservative Republican insider. I'll take a large popcorn with butter and a diet coke, please.

Now, I'm not a lemming. I endorsed Eddie Burke in AK and Pamela Gorman in NV without the need of a Palin endorsement. I can go to the bathroom, eat, write a blog post or support a candidate without something having been written her Facebook page. However, as one who uses the rhetorical sword of words to promote the cause, I prefer to be in agreement with the bespectacled warrior who wields the rhetorical version of Excalibur from her Facebook page to substantiate my positions.

And might I be?

Sarah Palin may have weighed in afterall on this race with an ambiguous re-tweet of Tammy Bruce. I've asked Tammy for her take on it and will update this article if she responds.

O'Donnell's staff salivates for Palin's endorsement in the article that also points out that she met Palin briefly at the Restoring Honor Rally. That passes the first part of the litmus test for me. Pro-Palin? Check. For the final dip, place the strip into the liberal waters. Bingo. Positive again! I  link to the tweet here to show you my final piece of evidence in favor of Christine O'Donnell: the left wing's use of guilt by association.

Well, libbies, if O'Donnell seeks out Sarah Palin and if People for the American Way want to build up a resume of debunkable smears before finishing the sentence by asking "is it really all that surprising that she has won the support of Sarah Palin?" then I'm in. I call that a Palin endorsment by left wing triangulation. It's close enough for rock and roll. I'll take it.

And so it with great conservative fortitude and honor that I endorse Christine O'Donnell for Delaware Senate. If we are going to restore the honor and greatness of our country, we have to have people with the right political convinctions in place not just so that we can oppose the Obama agenda after 2010, but so that we have the right coalition who will readily embrace the agenda of a strong Constitutional conservative president should America be smart enough to elect one (and you know of whom I speak).

visit Christine O'Donnell's website

We cannot have liberals who want to run roughshod over the very fabric of our country's nature in power any longer. Nor can return power to those who long for the days of the Potomoc water drinking and go along to get along politics. These types of Republicans who, like dead fish, go with the flow will never take the courageous stands necessary to enact real change for a country that struggles with a top heavy government and evaporating jobs. The Delaware primary is another example of why we need to replace this type of Republican with the right type of Republican.

I echo the sentiments of Jeffrey Lord who writes "The objective is to move the ball." Mike Castle may be wearing a Republican Jersey, but he is playing for the wrong team. He might as well be the Democrat in the race. Christine O'Donnell can move the ball.

And besides, Christine O'Donnell is real. Not only is she the real deal. She gets the deal.


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