Monday, September 20, 2010

Media Might Actually Have a Real Story About O'Donnell!

With all the made up stories, half truths and long range extrapolations based upon what Christine O'Donnell did in her her past, cancelling appearances on the Sunday shows is actually the first time that Christine O'Donnell herself has actually done something questionable that is worth debating the merits over. Of the dozens of whacky hit pieces and agenda driven pundit talking points, this is the ONLY real story that would even qualify as news worth discussing.

I was disappointed she didn't go on Fox News Sunday, not because I'm a hater or worried about haters looking for the gotcha moment, but because I really like to hear what she has to say and was looking forward to seeing her. She has the right ideas about what Delaware needs in the Senate. Chris Cooms is the extremist (Marxist), not Christine O'Donnell. The media devotes very little time to that story. This could have been an opportunity for that story to get some quotes from the candidate herself.

There are merits to the argument that she should focus more on her state than to appear on national news programs. There are also merits to the argument that she and her staff may have gotten crossed up in the heat of an exhaustive and intense campaign. Even "extremists" like myself can be intellectually honest and accept the fact that she's going to take some legitimate heat on this.

Here's a message to the media, pundits and her opponents: if you want to criticize Christine O'Donnell, put away the out of context witch stories being released by an unhinged loon like Bill Maher, stop reading improprieties into a tax lien that was resolved, stop questioning whether late payment toward a college degree negates all the knowledge she acquired in school and most of all stop the mental self pleasuring you are getting by reporting on Christine O'Donnell's views on masturbation. Instead, why don't you report on stuff that she's actually doing, like trying to contrast a commonsense conservative message with that of her opponent, an avowed Marxist? And yes, if she does cancel being on a couple of shows, report it because its something that actually happened rather than something that is manufactured after a night of dumpster diving and public record research.

Sarah Palin told the audience in Iowa Friday "to hold the press accountable when you know that they're making things up and telling untruths" and decried a media "claiming the right to print and to say anything without a corresponding responsibility to truth." In other words, keep it real, guys. No more witch hunts, okay?


  1. I was ready to go along with your premise about what constituttes a real story about a candidate until this:

    "Chris Cooms is the extremist (Marxist), not Christine O'Donnell."

    You don't know what you're talking about.

    Coons was a staunch Republican in college who campaigned for Reagan and worked for DE Senator Roth, also a Republican.

    When Chris registered as a Democrat his friends called him a bearded Marxist. Chris used the phrase becuase his friends made it up. They used it because this conservative Republican had become a liberal Democrat.

    See http://www.slate.com/blogs/blogs/weigel/archive/2010/09/16/of-beards-and-marxism.aspx

  2. Here's a hyperlink "Of Beards and Marxism"

    ...he [Coons] had weaknesses, such as the fact that he once called himself a "Bearded Marxist."

    Well, not quite....


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