Friday, September 3, 2010

Of Intellectual Mooks and Trollops

I hope it drives the liberals and the Palin haters crazy that she makes so much money.

I can't understand how people like Michael Joseph Gross could get paid for his Vanity Fair article.

Now here's a guy who deserves to be paid: Stacy McCain Meets Todd Palin.

Everyone by now needs to know who the Palin haters are and that the Alaska bloggers are toxic. Put a Satan Sticker on it and move on since this is the limpest, most impotent piece of smear yet to be published about Sarah Palin.

Enjoy the read: Vanity Fair and the Wrath of Sarah Palin.

The Truth about That Dishonest Vanity Fair Palin Story, from One Who Was There

Palin’s New Defenders: Liberal Feminists

How Terrified is the MSM of Sarah Palin? ‘Vanity Fair’ Hack Michael Joseph Gross Quivers in Fear as He Smears, Anonymously

Mike Gallagher on the Vanity Fair Hit Piece (Listen at the 7:15 mark)

Shannyn Moore Is Not A Victim Of Gross' Irresponsibility (Shannyn Moore drowns in the C4P)

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