Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Restless Grass Roots

Many have felt that an angry tone or a momentary release of steam doesn't go over well when political figures speak to the public or the media. When Representative Allen West (R - Florida) said that the liberal ideas like “economic dependency” (some interpreted that he meant people with those ideas) should “get the hell out of the United States of America,” he hit a nerve with the Left. Criticize him for it? Hell no. Forget the words. He's right in the feeling that he is expressing because it is a feeling that we can all relate to! The Left needs to hear that from us and hear it loudly.

Forget protocol and traditional delivery to the media. Those went out the door years ago when Democrats became unhinged and people like Al Gore screamed "he betrayed America!" about George W. Bush. Yes, that's unhinged because it was fabricated in order for Gore to project that onto the liberal base. The release of steam from the normally well tempered West is the opposite. It is clearly representative of the growing loudness coming up from the kitchen tables, the water coolers and the smoking areas across the land. It just so happens that it channeled its way through the words of that of one who knows how the people really feel.

Good for Allen West. In your face, libs.

The grass roots are getting louder. When neither party properly represents the voice of the people, those who hear those voices, particularly Tea Party leaders like Rep. West, can't be blamed for giving expression to those voices. If it comes off a little loose cocked, it's because we're all a little loose cocked when talking about jobs we've lost, the growing debt being saddled around the necks of our children, the homes we're losing and the price of gas at the pump. Those who see the growing encumbrance of big government are not speaking nice nice. If that seeps out in the rhetoric of an Allen West, a Newt Gingrich or a Paul Ryan it's because they get it.

Americans are getting tired of mealy mouthed flip flopping politicians who tell them what they want to hear and who bend their message to the constituency. Instead, they are getting fired up by politicians who aren't afraid to open mouth and let it rip. Voters want to hear what they think. They want to hear what they feel genuinely being articulated back to them before they will embrace a candidate.

In a previous post, this blogger wrote:
Call it shrill. Call it undisciplined. Call it angry. But it is a reflection of how Americans feel. We are no longer content to stand by and let the idiots who are running our country continue taking us down the toilet. There is no reason to look down on or to describe as unacceptable the actions, words and feelings of a presidential candidate who clearly articulates what we are all feeling just because it might be harsh.
There are articles written that can express more concisely the points I'm trying to get across. I'd rather you read what they have written directly and bring to it an understanding of how restless the grass roots are getting in America. You'll find that the common sense lobe in your brain will cause you at some point to make you smack your head and be astounded at just how seriously stupid, out of touch and outrageously off to la la land many in our political system are on both sides of the aisle.

The truth about ‘electability’ by Yates Walker

Mitt's Scorched Earth Win by C. Edmund Wright

Hey GOP! Do You Hear Your Fed Up, Fired Up Base? by Janice Shaw Crouse

Project Obama: A Puppetmaster or a Puppet? by Victor Volsky

These articles should clearly explain what animals we're dealing with in both political parties. Defeating the progressive movement and the Democrat party gone hog liberal wild and replacing the establishment in the Republican Party with people from our ranks who can properly represent what the millions of us "little guys" are really saying around those kitchen tables and water coolers is paramount to the survival of our nation.

Mark Levin says it's a daunting task. But its doable if we all just keep talking louder, writing louder and encouraging those around to us to read articles like those linked to in this post in order to get them to understand better.

This isn't your father's election cycle. This is do or die for America.

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