Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Man's Story Does Not a Story Make

A movie chronicling Sarah Palin's political career in Alaska is being released. She is embarking on a bus tour of the United States. She is moving to Arizona to be more centrally located. The pieces are falling into place for a 2012 presidential run. Frank Bailey's book (as are all the other hit books and hit pieces) is becoming a non-starter in the final last gasp to take her down. Bailey's book is just one man's viewpoint. One man's story does not a story make.

Tara Jollie, also a former aide to Sarah Palin tells a completely different story. She tells Adrienne Ross:
I worked closely with Sarah usually on a daily basis. I worked primarily on policy statements, brainstorming issues and coordinated the occasional fundraiser. I helped in any other way I could. In the course of the daily work I soon discovered Sarah worked longer and harder than anyone I’ve ever worked with. I especially liked her work ethic because it mirrors my own. She is free-spirited, generous of heart, funny, spontaneous and, most importantly, fearless.
This is a far cry from Bailey's portrayal of Sarah Palin as a vindictive person more interested in her own fame than advancing the good of Alaska and now America.
Sarah, the person, is a workhorse. She is all about her family and very grounded in who she is. She is an athlete who plays to win. She has incredible charisma and touches the hearts of people. She is very intuitive, self-confident, and very, very strong. I think she is a great role model for young women everywhere. She is fearless, doesn’t back down, and calls a spade a spade. 
Take it for how ever many grains of salt you might. If you don't agree with Jollie's story, than why should you agree with Frank Bailey's or vice verse?

We all know what opinions are like. Now let's give Sarah Palin a fair shake and forget all the nonsense that's been going on since 2008. Let her run and let's see if she has what it takes.

I'll bet you a house, a movie and a bus that she knows what she's doing.

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