Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Don't Talk to Strangers

They’re only there to do you harm.

On the day that Frank Bailey betrays his old boss for a few pieces of silver, word comes out through the Daily Caller that top Palin aide Rebecca Mansour trusted a so called Palin supporter enough to speak freely through Twitter’s direct messaging service. Little did Mansour know that the loose cannon would look to shop a copy of these DMs first to Politico, which actually did the right thing and ignored the story and then to the Daily Caller, which instantly earned the monicker “Enquirer of the Right” from Stephen Kruiser for printing them.

In Palin’s case, she trusted Bailey to keep her confidence. Technically not a stranger, he turned out to be one when she realized after the fact that he was ethically challenged both while in office and now out of it. As for Mansour, she confided in a stranger who supposedly became a friend that she could trust on Twitter. It leaves one to wonder are we really ever off the record?

Those on stage are the hard working “actors.” They are the doers of life. They are the ones who put their tails on the line while most of us sit around doing nothing except whining and complaining about things. It’s the ones who take the short cut to fame or fortune through their bad deeds at the expense of others that causes the rest of us to wonder what the incentive is if no one is worth trusting.

New money is always earned through great personal sacrifice. When you see successful people, most of them have hardship stories that you wouldn’t believe. You look at them and think it was easy. It wasn’t. Yes, some people get lucky, but the odds of becoming successful only go up if you really go after it.

A common thread found in successful people is that they are all told they can never do it. They are criticized. They’re hindered by roadblocks and obstacles. Those obstacles are the regular day cogs in the wheels of life. You know who they are. They hog the left hand lane. They chatter with the register clerk while the line grows behind them. They betray confidences when they see an opportunity to sell their soul at the expense of another.
People are jealous. They also look for the easy way out.

People who are miserable with themselves or looking for the quick fix are incapable of becoming successful. They can only justify their position in life by tearing others down. A miserable person or one who cheats to get their way prefers to live in a world where others are like them. When their friends or family members are on their way to becoming successful, they try to pull them down. Watch crabs in a bucket. One tries to get out the top and the others cling on hoping to pull it back in.

What is being revealed about Sarah Palin is designed to raise questions in the minds of those considering her for president. The establishment on both sides of the aisle want nothing more than to stop her. They can’t afford to leave it to a natural course because they know its very possible that she can make it. They are afraid she won’t fail on her own, so they have to help her fail.

The media’s goal is not to pursue the truth. The media’s goal is to plant a seed of doubt into the heads of voters. They don’t want Sarah Palin to be president. There is a boiling bubbling sea of sludge beneath the stages of both national parties. If she is given access to that, she just might expose it. Look at what she did in Alaska.

Should the intricate web of corruption, cronyism, deal making and back stabbing ever be exposed, it would shake our society to its very soul. Some fear the damage would be too great to risk electing someone who would flip the tables and show us the real system that we have now in America. That system resembles nothing like that warm fuzzy democracy thing we learned about in school.

For the establishment on both sides, the maggots that eat at the core of our Republic’s apple must stay there unseen. Allowing Palin to cut away at the apple and reveal the maggots to the American people would be, in their minds, too startling a revelation for the people to handle. The elites fear we can’t face the truth.

Yet, the truth will set us free. Only by pulling the string that unravels the sweater of a corrupt system can we ever rebuild this thing the way it was supposed to be. Our Founders had a vision of a society where everyone would succeed or fail based on their merits or shortcomings. Before the implementation of the welfare state, failure was temporary. It was a learning experience from which you were supposed to move forward. Today, failure is institutionalized. Failure is the new norm in Obama’s America where only government can help us. We are brainwashed into thinking we need to be dependant.

We may find from Bailey’s book that Sarah Palin has pushed people to the side in what appears to be a quest for fame and fortune. Or we may find that she’s really just in a hurry to save her country and people like Bailey who just don’t understand that can’t be kept on the chain because of the weight. What if it’s true that in order to become successful, you can’t burden yourself with failures? Then she’s right. The honest question here becomes is Sarah Palin just using people to get what she wants or is she shedding those who can’t help her save the country?

No one can be a mind reader or guess what’s in the heart of a person. You can’t begrudge someone from striving to achieve a noble goal. You can’t begrudge someone who has been burnt in the past. With Palin’s naivety purged by her life experience, the existential fact is that there will be cold moments when people will be frosted out. The political environment which shaped Palin in Alaska was brutal. She learned a ruthless game that she had no choice but to play lest she lose the opportunity to win it in order to change the rules.

Surely, Sarah Palin can take her millions and go live on a tropical island somewhere. I, a lesser man, would probably be more inclined to do that. But unlike the miserable people of the world who have to tear down the fiber of positive life, I want my country to be a better place. I strive to be a better person. I know it’s a shortcoming of mine that making enough money to retire early and protect my little world is my personal goal. But that goal (or maybe the personal growth that I achieve through attaining that goal) is only possible in a country that is led by great people.

Some of us deserve to have money, not because we are entitled to it, but because we earned it. Knowing how much crap I’ve had to deal with in life, if someone handed me a check for a million dollars tomorrow, I’d feel as if I earned every dime of that money. And, Sarah Palin ought to feel the same about the money she has earned and continues to earn now.

Do we really want her to be our president? It’s a self interest for all of us if the hybrid socialist crony-capitalist system we live under now was brought down and a free market, pro family system rose from the ashes to take its place. So if her emails to Bailey show that she is an ambitious person who is impatient with the people around her, what makes her any different from the rest of us?

That’s why we all need to learn to keep it closer to the vest. The wolf could be behind any door. Sarah Palin learned her lesson during her governorship and run for the vice presidency. Rebecca Mansour is learning it now. It makes them stronger people. Know who to trust. Trust but verify. And, don’t talk to strangers.

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  1. great post Patrick... the movie in June + the bus tour starting May 28th = I think she'll announce her candicacy...

    I will await that ... and the path back for America will be revealed... It will be long, hard fight, but we will win the war!


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