Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shhhhh, Palin went up in the latest poll. Don’t tell anybody.

Of course everyone knows that Sarah Palin is up 35% in the latest CNN poll, right? Well, only if you read Conservatives4Palin or happen to be on the CNN website looking for hit pieces about her. It’s simply too early to be deeply analyzing polls right now. But the mainstream media seems to love trotting out the polls when they show Palin’s down and using them to mass produce hit pieces about her demise (they have been declaring her politically dead for two years now – that’s a lot of typing for nothing). Ah, but when Sarah’s up in the polls, crickets.

Normally when a poll comes out that shows good numbers for Palin, it’s this blogger’s first instinct to play it off and not get too excited. Yes, polls give us what Mike Huckabee calls “a snapshot in time.” But when electing presidents, we don’t look at still pictures. We look at a movie.

The point here is not about how great the CNN poll makes Palin look. It, like previous polls up or down for Palin, shows that she, Romney and Huckabee continue to run side by side going into the first turn with whoever’s nose just happens to be sticking out at the timing poll being the one that gets tagged “the front runner.” The point is the media isn’t reporting it this way. Instead, they run a little blurb when Huckabee’s out front or they act like it’s business as usual when Romney’s out front. You’ll never hear it when Palin’s out front. But if she has a big drop in her numbers, Google lights up like a Christmas tree and the anchors on MSNBC scramble to their chairs like buzzards to a dead animal.

If the mainstream media were coroners, they’d lose all credibility after pronouncing a patient dead hundreds of times only to watch in horror as the patient rises off the table, dusts herself off and gets back in front of a room full of her numerous followers or a camera where for some reason the viewership rises instantaneously upon her appearance.

You are told over and over again that this woman is so unpopular that she can’t possibly become president. Yet, Fox News’ rating jump whenever she is on. Her events sell out almost immediately. The polls show she has just a good a shot as anyone else. But, the media doesn’t want you to see that. Instead, they turn into Beavis and Butthead and create a story like “ha ha, she said ‘blood libel.’” Then they get people to think she’s anti-Semitic (play that race card, baby). Then, after the doubt is planted, they poll.

“Ah, look at this! She’s down, baby, down.” I can just hear the editors now. It’s like listening to Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry” on a never ending loop. Get the PDS infected loon on the set, we need dirty laundry. Paul Bond at The Hollywood Reporter writes:
Plus, MSNBC and, to a lesser extent, CNN viewers are overwhelmingly partial to Democrats (73 percent of MSNBC viewers and 63 percent of CNN viewers voted for Obama, according to a Wilson Research Poll) and like all good TV, drama is necessary to keep it going. They crave a boogeyman to fill the void created when President George W. Bush left office, and she’s now the face of the opposition. Palin fits the bill nicely, given her presentability...

"MSNBC will never find anything like Sarah Palin," [Documentarian John] Ziegler says. "It's much cheaper than real news. Just take Sarah Palin, add guests, some hatred, and mix. No other topic can replace her right now because that would require actual reporting."
Some day Americans are going to wake up and make up their own minds. The media is lying to you about what the poll numbers mean just as much as they are lying to you about what the unemployment numbers mean. They are lying to you about Egypt (those nice little democracy loving people, nah they’re not commies or Muslim brothers). They are lying to you about the debt ceiling. How are they possibly going to handle it when millions of Palin supporters come out of the woodwork once the real race begins?

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