Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Debunk, Debate, Defeat

Palin supporters are ready to take on the media and the culture

If you haven’t noticed by now, the Palin army has developed a “missile defense shield” that puts the Patriot missile program to shame.  Having built a myriad of blogs with the dedicated work of some serious writers who thoroughly research their work before posting, the Palin army is lean and mean when it comes to responding to libelous and slanderous attacks on Sarah Palin.

During a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's play "The Mikado" Sunday night at the  MCT Community Theatre, "a single couplet, inserted by director Curt Olds into a song sung by the character Ko-Ko, a pacifist executioner" called for the beheading of Sarah Palin and prompted an apology from the MCT's director, Michael Gill, according to The Missoulian. This "flash point" was observed by an audience member who“radioed” the position in to a local newspaper via a letter to the editor which was then picked up by Warner Todd Huston and Texas4Palin. Conservatives4Palin posted a nearly instantaneous response (blogger's note: the C4P article was written by Stacy Drake who will be a guest on my Blogtalk Radio show tonight).

The Palin army grew from a group of bloggers and Team Sarah members who were outraged at the level of vitriol that was still in full swing following the 2008 election. The liberals had created their own monster by continuing their vicious, slander filled attacks long after the election was over. Had Sarah Palin been a has-been with no widespread support, there would have not been the great push back that we saw following the 2008 election. Nor would there have been a need for a smear campaign. They knew, as Monica Crowley pointed out, that she was an existential threat to liberalism then. And they still know it now.

Instead of recoiling and waiting for the next candidate to follow, Palin supporters flooded the blogosphere to respond to the smears and to stand up for the one person who had finally arrived to be the voice of a conservative movement that had been longing for a messenger since the passing of Ronald Reagan. Sarah Palin is a real leader with the true message. Political stars of that magnitude on the conservative side come once a generation or two. Palin supporters were not about to let the Left and its complicit media destroy that messenger. 

Rising stars like Jedediah Bila, Dr. Gina Loudon and Tammy Bruce joined voices with the more established publications like Front Page MagazineAmerican Thinker and Newsmax to take on the smears emanating from a deranged mainstream media. With ideological support from Fox News Channel and talk radio, the Palin army fights a war they are confident they can win now that the left wing media has become unhinged and is unravelling following the Journolist scandal and the Tucson shootings.

Conservatives4Palin, Texas4Palin, CubachiLegal Insurrection, Motivation Truth, Conservative Girl With a Voice, US forPalin, A Time For Choosing, The Other McCain, The Right Scoop, Red State and Riehl World are just some of the numerous sites that take the Left to task when they become unhinged about Palin, the Tea Party and the conservative movement. Newsbusters and Big Journalism regularly and consistently report on the blatant bias which is becoming so obvious in today’s media.

The numbers continue to grow. "In addition to the numerous pro-Palin sites that occupy the blogosphere, there is a new site that has launched tonight – Alaskans4Palin.com," (emphasis mine) according to a submission to Conservatives4Palin.

This is an army that is now well positioned at all levels of the media. Although still outnumbered in the mainstream media, Palin earns strong support in the new media, on Fox News Channel and on talk radio. The Left and its mouthpieces which make up most of the mainstream media can no longer attack, lie or spin their progressive misrepresentation of Palin, the Tea Party and the conservative movement with impunity. Palin supporters have taken up a big chunk of a New media that has risen up to destroy the monopoly that the progressive mainstream media once used to poison the hearts and minds of America.

Don’t expect 2012 to be a blow out by the liberal media this time around. Most of the sites like those listed above along with Palin Promotions and Organize 4 Palin didn't exist in 2008. This time around, there will be no smear or lie that will live long enough in the mainstream media to distort the thinking of those who may have otherwise been led to believe that Sarah Palin could see Russia from her house or that she sanctioned a policy where rape victims would have to pay for their forensic kits.

Because of traditional media’s abdication of its role as objective watchdog, voters will have to turn to the new media to get the correct information about candidates from now on. The days of taking the big 3 nightly newscasts as gospel are over.

Winning back America is dependant on a more analytical electorate than ever before. People will have to read blogs, tweets and the columns of professional writers to get the variety of opinions required in making educated voting decisions. Democracy can only thrive when there is an informed electorate. This will require that every voter does his or her homework before walking into that booth.

If that upsets you, it should. We should be able to turn on the television or pick up a newspaper and be reasonably informed about government and those who ask for our votes. But, as Sean Hannity pointed out, journalism died in 2008. The coverage of Sarah Palin was the final death blow to the media. In their zeal to destroy Sarah Palin, they forgot to do one very important thing: their jobs. Instead, they have destroyed whatever shreds are left of their credibility.

There was a time when newspaper columnists and editorial writers debated issues. And, in the normal course of things if some found themselves in disagreement with a politician, they wrote about it without lying or smearing. Instead they employed logic, a gum shoe approach toward the gathering of facts and a healthy back and forth discourse that didn't make anyone on either side sick with disgust.

Today, these out of touch writers, pundits and cultural figures are going to learn that they will become an immediate flash point for pro-Palin writers and pundits every time they make themselves targets by mouthing off without properly linking facts and logic. This doesn’t mean we want to silence debate. It just means we want the debaters to grow up and we want the unhinged media to “stop making things up.”

The disingenuous media are finding out that their hit stories about Palin, other conservatives and the Tea Party can now easily be brought down by the growing number of conservatives who take to their keyboards or to the airways to be the "Patriot missiles" that now defend the Palin fortress and the conservative movement from the agenda driven commentary of progressives which the lamestream media can no longer disguise as straight news.

Their gig is up.

It's time to stand up and stand firm as we debunk, debate and defeat the lamestream media and the misguided culture which they feed.

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