Thursday, October 28, 2010

Your Time is Gonna Come

Lyin', cheatin', hurtin, that's all you seem to do - Led Zeppelin
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Like rabid animals cornered by the dogs of right, the Left is showing teeth and viciously trying to fight their way out. Liberal activists and left wing candidates are being helped by big unions, the media and the rhetorical baseball bat carrying president. The street kid from Chicago who bamboozled America into electing him president is now telling what’s left of a once larger grouping of fainters, anchors with thrills up their legs and Peggy the moochers that it is time to “punish the enemy” and make them “sit in the back.” There is talk of voter fraud and thuggery as we approach Tuesday. Every conservative eye in America will have to be open wide and every conservative mouth in America must shout out every time they see something improper at a polling place.

We could be sitting on a major rupture in American politics if we allow the elections that seem so easily in the bag right now to be stolen, literally. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities (although I think we can stop it with our vigilance) that we wake up Wednesday morning to find elections clearly stolen and unrest gathering across the land. Not one to go all survivalist on my readers, this cautionary warning is meant to keep us on our toes moreso than to start rallying the militias after Obama declares marshall law and names himself dictator and SEIU and AFSCME as his henchmen.

Given the fact that the DNC with the implicit approval of the President is now asking the Pentagon to assist with their opposition research on Governor Palin and other GOP 2012 contenders shows that these dangerous people need nothing less than a full frontal assault from those of us on the right.

We must accept the fact that we are in a full blown street fight. These guys will not go quietly and they will not go before they do whatever they can to take their opponents out. California is bending left again according to the latest polls. The media hasn’t given up either. Joe Scarborough is claiming that because of Palin, O’Donnell and Angle are going to cost us the Senate.

Senate, schmenate. First of all, it’s still on the table. God help the Left if we win it. But it’s not a must win. The House is crucial. By winning the House, we stop the Obama agenda dead in its tracks. Whether we had a ceremonial majority in the Senate (the real majority is 60 with the filibuster) or we were within one or two of having the majority, no major piece of legislation or repeal will make it past Bammy’s desk anyway. Whether we had 51 or 49, the goal of getting as close to 60 as possible can’t be achieved anyway until 2012 and with continued momentum 2014 if necessary.

With a Republican House filled with Tea Party candidates fresh off their victories, Cap and Trade, more stimuli and the expanding role of the federal government in our lives and businesses is stopped dead in its tracks. We can pass Health Care Reform repeal the way liberals passed no smoking bans over and over again until we find someone who can sign it. That won’t be until 2012. Til then, I say we just practice passing repeal bills while de-funding it during the wait.

You see, liberals, you learned that it’s a lot easier to sit on the sidelines and smear President George W. Bush than it is to actually govern. You had an opportunity to install your progressive democratic socialist figurehead and he failed you. He was incapable of making the wheels of good government work. Sitting in the car in the ditch spinning the wheels while it digs the hole deeper is not how you get the car out. You need to call “Palin’s Towing” and let them handle it.

For nearly a century now, liberals, socialists, progressives and communists have tried to undermine our system, infiltrate our system, change our system or judicially interpret our system away. But they made one big mistake once they got the final prize. They neglected the fuel that makes the car run. The fuel is the American people and they thought it would be dumb to let them be the energy needed to power the car out.

Now they are committing election fraud. They have gone beyond the limits of even reasonably dirty politics.

The left is getting nasty, dirty and downright criminal as we watch these voter fraud allegations stacking up. They cannot win on the issues. The truth is a real bitch to refute. The only thing they have left is to try to force you to do what they want. They are left with nothing but totalitarian tactics. Call the Pentagon and see if they have dirt on Palin. Keep pumping out hit pieces. Lie, cheat and steal.

They have been trying to steal our democracy from us for decades. But they are down to their last out. The only chance left is to steal the elections Tuesday. That's what they are trying to do right now.

Since failure is upon the Left, the old adage from the Led Zeppelin song blares louder and louder from the speakers. Your time is gonna come.

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