Sunday, October 31, 2010

Miller Should Win Simply Because Lisa's a Totalitarian and the Media Lies

Lisa Murkowski must feel good about herself after costing Dan Fagan his job. And she must really love the fact that the local CBS affiliate which supports her (so much for objective journalism) has been busted trying to help her by talking about ginning up incidents at the Miller rally the other night. Veruca Salt has thrown her last tantrum. She will not get daddy's Senate if the people of Alaska see this for what it is: an unconstitutional power grab.

She lost the primary. She used her power as a Senator to take away Dan Fagan's right of free speech. Her supporters used the media to try to affect the outcome of an election. She doesn't need to have her Senate seat back. She needs to be investigated, as does the CBS station whose reporters were caught on voicemail discussing their conspiracy.

This should be the game changer.

Alaskans need to realize that the GOP establishment is quietly loving the way Miller has run into media problems down the stretch. But throw those media problems out. They don't count anymore. The media lies and you can't believe a damn word that they report.

It's time to forget how to spell Murkowski and go press that button for Joe. The time has come for an example of the type of reform our political system so desperately calls for.

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