Thursday, May 27, 2010

Outrage: Obama Stiffs Virginia and Rest of Nation on Drilling

In my Townhall blog post today, I express my outrage at Our Backward Thinking President who has just stiffed America (and Virginia in particular) on oil leases which could have played an important role in positioning us for economic recovery and moving us closer toward energy independence over the course of the next four years. It is no longer enough that we just campaign for what we believe is right: smaller government, stronger national defense, energy independence and a general lifting of America's spirits similar to what we saw when Reagan was president. We must speak out and campaign against everything that this destructive president is doing to our great nation.

Whether Obama has good intentions and is just not up to the job or whether he is a socialist radical plant who has infiltrated our government to transform America into a European socialist democracy, it doesn't matter. The consequences of what this man is doing to the country is the bottom line. And that bottom line is a disaster.

This blogger can no longer pull any punches or work for positive change unless removal of the obstacle that prevents America's resurgence is part of that process whether it be through impeachment due to the Sestak job bribery situation or whether it be done through the ballot box in 2012. Cancelling oil leases, doing backroom deals to get unpopular health care reform passed, humiliating America by apologizing for it on foreign soil and offering a Senate candidate a high level job in exchange for his not running against a Democrat party establishment candidate is flat out unacceptable and needs to be stopped as quickly as legally possible.

When a liberal minority ran a popular Alaska governor out of office that was the height of indecency. But a national majority who now finds its president unfit for service must take to the removal of Barack Obama with the same vigilance and intensity, albeit for the right reasons this time.

We are the loyal opposition, loyal to our Constitution and the greatness upon which this nation was founded. In that loyalty we must resist the current administration in Washington at all costs except those that are illegal or violent.

I'm not a birther nor am I a conspiracy theorist who believes Obama is an al Qaeda plant. But, if liberal tactics of isolating the target and marginalizing it work then lets do it. Let's finally beat them at their own damn game and give the board back over to the adults who can establish proper rules and civil discourse in the arena of ideas. Until then, let's rock and work on getting enough people to support the cause of liberty and prosperity by convincing them what a disaster this administration is.

Enough is enough.

The time to stop the madness is now.

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