Friday, May 21, 2010

Mr. Labrador, your baby is crying

Thousands are at the Qwest Arena to see Sarah Palin speak and stump for Vaughn Ward. Sarah Palin is good at two things. She brings out the best in good people and the worst in bad people.

Today's worst is coming from a supporter of Vaughn Ward's opponent Raul Labrador. Lucas Baumbach, a state senate candidate, is crying like a baby, kicking and screaming like some kid you see in Walmart next to the really embarrassed lady holding the binky because Sarah Palin is backing his opponent according to Talking Points Memo.

Of course TPM is playing this up. It's not surprising that they have decided to do what all good liberals do: find a malcontent miserable sack who is bashing Sarah Palin and do a story on it. America has its fair share of miserable sacks. All miserable sacks of (fill in your own word here) bash Palin because they can't stand success and they can't stand seeing other people be successful.

Be certain there will be other left wing toilet paper manufacturing outlets that will play this up. No lefty loves a "tea bagger" - unless of course they're bashing Sarah Palin.

But give credit where credit is due. TPM did update the story to point out that Raul Labrador issued a statement to his supporters asking them to stop bashing Sarah Palin.

Today's best is Labrador who comes off as the adult here as well as the gracious opponent. By expressing his honest disappointment that Palin didn't back him, he gives more credence to his candidacy and demonstrates that when Republicans disagree they can do so agreeably and not look like the whackos on the left who go into convulsions everytime Palin does something. Nor should the right wing blogosphere turn into or act like some highly paid media talk show host who delves deep into the research budget and skillfully crafts words to support his opposition to Sarah Palin with facts, maturity and the poetic and deeply thought provoking lyric verse "that woman is an idiot."

We are in primary battles. Some of us are going to support one candidate. Others are going to support their opponent. Primaries are the time to duke it out - a process which Palin has said helps make the GOP a stronger party. If the GOP is going to be the strongest party that it can be and put up the most tested and vetted candidates then we need to remember Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.

When the smoke clears and 2010 is settled, we are going to have to unite and take back our once beautiful city on a hill. I would hope the people who don't feel as strongly about Palin as I do who are in the foxhole with me will be more like Labrador and less like Baumbach who, if he was with my unit, should be the one who goes first to draw the enemy's fire.

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