Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tell a Little Truth With Many Lies

Bill Clinton's speech worked. It mixed sugar and crap and it gave the Democrats an actual articulation of what their philosophy should be. But was it the philosophy that it is?

Clinton's segment on how Democrats want to cooperate with Republicans was the weakest part. It was Obama who rammed Obamacare down our throats without soliciting or working for any Republican votes. It was Obama who said "I won, you lost" to Eric Cantor and John McCain.

The ratcheting up of our national debt to pay off cronies in the green energy area while continuously denying oil and coal producers the ability to produce and create jobs is a far cry from cooperation.

Now, pepper that with some remarks about how Reagan did it and how Clinton worked with the GOP to get his initiatives past and there is some level of truth to what he said in some areas of the speech. But it's not so much that the speech hammered home time tested truths; it's that the speech was effective in hammering home a product that everyone wants to hear.

Government working with the private sector. All of us in it together. It sounds great. It actually works when you don't have regulators choking off industries and cronies in the legal profession going after companies with frivolous lawsuits. If the government was truly on our side, Obama wouldn't be misrepresenting centralized planning and a top down solution as bottom up or middle out. The big lie is what the progressive movement has been using to win and it's failing.

Bill Clinton is the only one that actually made the big lie sound good. He used facts and figures. He used them well sometimes. He is the greatest three card monty dealer in the history of politics. He let the American people win this time around. People were "leaving the tables with twenties." It was a great speech. More importantly, it was an effective speech.

The Republicans took a hit. Now, the question is: is it a short term hit and can we come back from it? The answer is yes, but it depends on whether or not it's a good idea to not go to the liberal and Alinsky playbooks and  throw the socialism bomb. Obama's associations are his weakest links and they can be our greatest assets.

Also, we were starting to beat the media. Bill Clinton gave the media fodder and they will run with it. Romney will have to debate like Socrates if he wants to win the debates. But, win the debates he must.

For tonight, we took one straight through the heart. Tomorrow, we will recover and we will take on the forces of liberalism. Our Republic still depends on the American people waking up and realizing that those unpaid bills, those smaller pay checks and their inability to find higher paying jobs is not the product of the Bush Administration. It is the product of a government that is swelling to the size of a badly infected appendix. If we don't do something soon, it's going to burst no matter how well Bill Clinton mixed the sugar and crap and put it into a nicely done paper bag.

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