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What Tim Tebow Shows us About God and Man

As our political battle lines up more and more as an establishment Republican candidate against an establishment socialist Democrat incumbent, we learn that conservatives outnumber liberals by nearly two-to-one according to Politico. Despite this, our government and our institutions are run by non-conservatives. Why is this? Because the lesser numbered liberals have infiltrated our culture, our media, our academia and most of all our government. Conservatives haven't fully embraced what it takes to win yet, but we're starting to understand.

Hope is on the way for the plurality of Americans who call themselves conservatives and the majority of Americans who call themselves non-liberals. We can still beat the progressives at their own game. In order to do that, we must understand the nature of the game. We will need people of our persuasion to gain traction in the same areas the liberals infiltrated: the culture, the academia, the media and the government. Their example of infiltration shows us the strategy and our ideology is the solution.

Many see our country's battle as being between left and right. But, look more deeply. It really is a battle for positivity versus negativity. It is a battle of right and wrong. More simply put, it is a battle of good and bad. Theological and mythical writings along with historic imagery consistently tell us that our past is a succession of battles between good and bad.

In order to understand this, we must look past the simplistic understanding of what good and bad is. Good means more than just something that's nice; it means something works properly. Bad means something isn't working properly. People can misunderstand the why behind the "rules" that religion gives us because they are not looking at the historical wisdom behind those rules. They are not restrictions, but rather warnings which have arisen from the underlying existential factors at play as man navigates his way through life.

We are mere fleas on an elephant's behind as we stand before the universe, yet we all claim to know what's right. It doesn't matter what differing opinions of right and wrong are. It matters only that our society, our system and our culture works properly. What's right and wrong can be learned from history and natural law. More so, these concepts can be better applied when people in our democratic system give up on trying to use the government to buck those concepts and instead try to force the square peg of liberalism into the round hole of existence.

Because we have allowed people who are nothing like us to represent us for over a century, we have allowed our government to be taken over by people who are incapable of fixing a dysfunctional approach to our Constitution. Because we have been taken in by a pop culture that thrives on all kinds of wacky approaches to lifestyles, sex, fame and voyeurism, we are marginalized in perception as the minorities. We have become the freaks.

Yet we outnumber them almost 2-1!

We're losing their game. Yet, we are capable of beating them at their own game in order to take it back. They own the board. Once we take back the board, then we can set it fair and straight where everyone has a shot and it doesn't depend on the government or rule makers who have no real basis in Constitutional power.

When Tim Tebow becomes the most popular athlete and one of the most reviled personalities at the same time, we learn something powerful about the dichotomy of our nature. Following the right set of values and being a role model for all that's good in life is working for him. There are success principles that apply to one's spiritual life, one's family life, one's financial life and one's career. Admonishing someone for demonstrating any of these principles is just an easy way for one to justify why they're not successful.

Those who hate Tebow do so because they revile the mistaken thought that God is a Denver fan or because he kneels down in prayer. They see imperfections in themselves that they are unable to reconcile. This frustration with one's own lack of clarity and morality causes them to lash out at Tebow. It's easier to blame the neighbor for spending too much time on his lawn than justifying why yours is brown from lack of effort. Even worse, in their minds, what if this God stuff is true and it means they have to swallow their pride and admit they've been living a philosophical lie?

They also hate him because its just not right that a clean cut kid can shoot to the top of a pop culture that is so dominated by show-offs and egotists. We live in a culture where deviance is the norm and the norm is deviance. With all the screwed up things going on in the street, at our jobs and in our government, it only makes sense that someone who kneels down to pray to God is the freak. Our society is going to hell in a hand basket.

But, like I've said, there's still hope. You gotta love the role Tim Tebow plays in our counter culture. Yes, we are the counter culture. We are what the hippies of the 60's used to be viewed as, the unwashed masses. Only we come with a different ideology and set of values. Those who were in the counter culture in the earlier days of the progressive movement have become the culture and now we are the politically oppressed. If you study how they did that, you can learn how we can do it, too, and flip it back to normal again.

As for the Tebow phenomenon, one can find stories about the power of prayer. One can find stories about how the principles in the Bible have been key components of successful people. Regardless of one's religious persuasion or how deep or shallow one believes, the laws of the universe are the laws of the universe. No flea on an elephant's behind can in all intellectual honesty argue with the laws of the universe.

Statistics tell us that Denver will probably not win the Super Bowl this year. But statistics also told the Jewish people that there was not enough oil to keep the menorah in the Temple lit for a single day. Statistics told the Christians that they would be defeated at the hands of the Roman empire. Statistics told the United States that their hockey team couldn't defeat the Soviet Union in 1980. Having heard of so many miracles, this writer would not be so quick to dismiss the hand of God in their occurrences.

Tim Tebow has tapped into the most powerful force in human consciousness: a devotion to God. Belief in a higher power is used successfully to treat addiction. Belief in a higher power has helped people overcome diseases and injuries; and has also helped people prolong life through the power of positive thinking. Those who do things that don't work often screw themselves up. In the case of politics, they screw up the country. You will find that a lack of devotion to natural law (many of us call this lack of common sense) and a pure understanding of the power of belief is always behind the fall of a great venture.

If by some stroke of luck, divine intervention or its bi-product personal power, Tim Tebow leads the Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl victory, you can't say the combination of that and a man who died on the cross coming back to life 2000 years ago isn't sufficient enough proof to justify the existence of God. If Tebow doesn't win the Super Bowl, we still have the man who died on the cross. Either way, Tebow wins. Either way, God wins.

This blogger sees the reality of a blue sky, a clear horizon on a dry sunny day and the power of God. Having studied religion and philosophy, its easier to see what it looks like on all sides. Having lived a few years, it makes better sense now as well. Without the power of positivity and belief, things fail. I see our country failing now. With the power of positivity and belief, people succeed. I can see our country succeeding again. Flip the coin. God or no God? If you pick God, it doesn't change the bumpiness of the ride; it just gives us a better understanding of how to make decisions during that ride.

If we are going to take back our country and take back our culture, we have to understand that the devil's work is in the detail. It's in how our society was infiltrated by a secular progressive movement and watered down our collective values. We outnumber them practically 2-1, yet they're winning because we don't see that reality that infiltrating the pop culture, the media, the academia and the government is how it works. We were meant to work for it. We were designed to fight for it. Therefore, we must go after it.

Fighting for it doesn't mean flailing our arms in echo chambers. Fighting for it means educating those around us by leading by example. Fighting for it means embracing the cultural exploits of Tim Tebow. We will not win until Saturday Live is funny again. The only way that is going to happen is if a bunch of us get into acting. We will not be a shining city on a hill again until a bunch of us start becoming the citizens and activists that made that city shine under Reagan.

You'll notice it's the godless and the self loathing who last out at Tim Tebow. The idea that someone can become successful without being an atheistic drug and sex addicted show-boater is simply holy water on Linda Blair in The Exorcist. For some reason, the most vile of those who trash Tim Tebow because of who he is reminds me of why that holy water burns only the evil.

In the biblical days, they would say these negative spew-spitters were possessed. Today, we just think they're a bunch of negative, dead-butt, disillusioned butt heads. But if they really are that negative and there really is a God, I don't encourage anyone to take the ideological elevator with them down to the gates of hell.

If Tim Tebow wins, it's not because God is a Denver fan. It's because Tim Tebow understands the most vital component of being the best man he can be lies in his belief and faith in God. It's not magic. It's simply how God works through us when we let Him.

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