Monday, April 4, 2011

The Campaign to Defeat Obama Begins Today

Obama announced his reelection bid today, so now it’s time to defeat him.

Want to get a liberal mad? Tell them that Obama’s a failure. No one hopes for failure. But, when you tell a liberal the truth, they think you’re hoping for Obama to fail. The more they hear it, the more disheartened they will become. The more dissent and dissatisfaction the public sees directed toward Obama, the better our chances are of convincing the people not to reelect him. The key to a GOP victory in 2012 is being loud enough so that everyone hears us above the droning of the media and the big money of Obama’s upcoming campaign.

Conservatives have learned the rules for radicals, understand the media better now, have organized Tea Party rallies, successfully supported candidates in 2010 and are exploding in numbers in the blogosphere and the social sites. The tactics of the Left and its marching order media are being countered with a new conservative media. The proliferation of sites like the Breitbart sites, the Daily Caller, the Blaze, Conservatives4Palin along with the increasing amount of traffic to sites like The Drudge Report and National Review Online tells us that the conservative movement is alive and growing.

So how do we win in 2012? We look to the Constitution, the principles of Lincoln and Reagan and to our communities for the values and the philosophy upon which our platform can be based. We also look to the liberals who gave us the playbook in 2008. Scrubbing off the grime and restoring the shine to the city will require that we get our hands dirty. As Barack Obama once said, it’s time to get into their faces. It’s time to act now and put forth a positive patriotic campaign. It’s also time to stick it to the Left with mockery, harsh rhetoric and strong attack ads which use either outrage or humor.

Tweet something about how many more people are on food stamps or how the unemployment numbers are higher than what the government is telling us then sit back and watch the backlash you get. Tell an Obama supporter that inflation is coming and laugh as they get personal with you because they can’t argue the actual issue of the inflation numbers themselves. Let’s frustrate the liberals. Don’t be afraid to “Palinize” him. It’s Urkel’s turn to be the butt of America’s jokes.

We’re not talking about losing our principles or playing tit for tat. We are talking about playing a game and speaking a language that we really didn’t understand prior to 2008. Conservatives have always played nice. We conduct our debate civilly. We’re not big government people so we don’t rely on large institutions that look to control the mechanisms of government. We look at large institutions as job creators and tax payers even as they write checks to our opponents’ campaigns. The mistake, of course, is to ignore the big government / big liberalism game simply because we don’t like the game.

When you’re in the cage with the lion, you can no longer say “I don’t want to play.” At this point, you have no choice but to pick up the sword and make sure you’ve researched how that lion tends to act if you want to get out of that cage alive. In 2008, the Democrat Party threw us into the cage and locked the door. The only way out is to beat the lion at its own game. We must slaughter the lion as badly as it wants to slaughter us.

We have the Koch brothers now. We have new media sites, talk radio, Fox News and a connection with each other that we’ve never had before. We can raise money in nickels and dimes and we can raise money in big dollars. We can run ads that go viral online. We have volunteers willing to sacrifice their time to save the country.

It’s time to marginalize the Left. It’s time to make use of the fact that conservatives outnumber liberals 2 to 1. Barack Obama has taken our country down a sink hole and we fall deeper and deeper into it every day. He is the destroyer in chief, the incompetent executive, who places moratoriums on our plans to grow our economy at home while making deals with countries abroad so that our money can get funneled out to them through our gas tanks and manufacturing plants.

The moderates and the independents will seize upon our outrage. Make it the flavor of the day for them. They, too, pay nearly $4.00 at the pump. They, too, see their food prices go up every time they go to the supermarket. They, too, don’t see the upward mobility we once had in America at their jobs and in their neighborhoods. Don’t rely on the media to tell them how bad our economy is or how crazy things really are in the Middle East. Rely on our collective voices. Make it so loud that the liberals have to turn up their televisions to watch MSNBC while the independents run to the window to see what the ruckus is.

Make it so the dialogue in the streets and at our social gatherings is so real that what’s being reported on television and in newspapers looks foolish, ridiculous and out of touch. Katie Couric is leaving the CBS Evening News. Why? Because there aren’t enough people who want to listen to the nonsense anymore. We know the media lies to us now. They sold us a lemon in 2008. We’d be stupid to let them sell it to us again in 2012.

Sarah Palin may have been caricatured as a dummy that could see Alaska from her house. But they have the real fool who can see socialist Utopia from his penthouse suite in Rio de Janeiro. We don’t need to make up the material like the Left did. The barbs at Obama are real. Our debt is really out of control. Did you see him get locked out of the White House a couple of weeks ago? Remember when he thought the window was a door when he first moved it? He makes his own sauce. Now it’s time to use it to cook him.

It’s time to mock him, the way his supporters mock us. It’s time to point out that labor leaders think they can suck off the taxpayers’ and union dues payers’ teats to keep themselves in power while extorting the American middle class out of millions of dollars so they can pad their pension plans. It's time to ask union protestors who knock the cameras out of women's hands why they did it. It’s time to paint Chuckie Schumer and the DNC as extremists, bought and paid for by George Soros and the immoral minority of secularists, socialists and jihad sympathizers who think there should be no morality or ethics in political life.

Remember how they Astroturfed to make their numbers look bigger? We can do that to them, too. Only our grass is real and it grows from the root on up. Write letters to the editor. Leave comments on articles all over the web. Join forums. Friend like-minded people on Facebook and Twitter. The “revolution” which will restore and renew America is coming. Be a part of it.

Once we demoralize them enough to knock them off their game, we need to come in with the one thing which will make that final blood vessel blow. Who do they fear the most? Who do they hate the most? Who is our loudest voice? Get them furious. Make them lose control of themselves. Watch them flail as they can’t argue with facts and reduce themselves to sniveling personal attack artists. This will make them ready for their political aneurism. This will make them ready for President Palin.

What gift should we give to those who’ve made our country suffer for four years? We shall give them eight years of Republican rule. Fret not conservatives who may hate the game but who are forced to play it. When we take it back, the grown ups will be back in charge. We will own the board again; and we will make the rules again. This our last chance to save our country and bring back civility and decency to American politics. The "children" will whine and cry the whole time, but that’s what they do anyway. They are liberals.

-cross posted at Organize4Palin

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