Thursday, April 1, 2010

Every Day is April Fools Day For Sarah Palin

Since being named as John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin has been the subject of numerous (understatement?) stories written about her in the mainstream media and in the blogosphere. As we all enjoy being pranked and punked today, we laugh because the nonsense lasts only one day and everybody knows we're all kidding. But for Sarah Palin, April Fools Day is every day.

Whether she opens up the New York Times, switches on MSNBC, checks out her local newspaper, the Anchorage Daily News, picks up a Vanity Fair at the supermarket or happens to throw a Newsweek on the counter while she's picking up some make-up at CVS, she has to be thinking that at any moment someone is going to jump out from behind the wall and yell "April Fools!"

-Sarah Palin is a book banner. April Fools!
-Sarah Palin charged rape victims for their rape kits. April Fools!
-Sarah Palin's son Trig is not hers. April Fools!
-Trooper Wooten is an upstanding citizen and Walter Monegan is not really an at-will employee. April Fools!
-Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house. April Fools!
-"Hi Governor Palin, it's Nicholas Sarkozy." April Fools!
-Here are 18 April Fools jokes that even judges and personnel boards have laughed at.
-Sarah Palin resigned her governorship because of a pending FBI Investigation. April Fools!
-Sarah Palin told her family that she was finished with politics and that she was going to write a book and give speeches just so she could get rich. Good one, Levi!
-Alex Rodriguez knocked up Willow. April Fools!
-Sarah Palin came to the door in a towel. April Fools!
-Sarah Palin doesn't know that Africa is a continent. April Fools!
-Sarah Palin's hair is thinning. April Fools!
-"Death Panels" don't exist in the Health Care law. April Fools!
-Sarah Palin's getting divorced. She threw her wedding ring in the lake during a fit of anger. April Fools!
-Sarah Palin didn't write Going Rogue. April Fools!
-Only a few hundred people showed up at her book signings. April Fools!
-She's getting a reality show like the Osbournes. April Fools!
-She raided an Oscar Suite before going on Leno where her performance was enhanced by a laugh track. April Fools! Okay, she did go on Leno but there was no laugh track.
-She got free health care in Canada. April Fools!
-She called on Tea Partiers to take up guns and kill liberals. April Fools!
-She personally interviewed LL Cool J and Toby Keith for her Fox News special. April Fools!
-She agreed to speak at an RNC fundraiser the week of the SRLC convention. April Fools!

I can't wait to see the new ones that come out. Geoffrey Dunn is working on a whole bunch for us as we speak.

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